Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It was something we have been talking about for a long time and I am so glad that we finally made it happen. Growing up we always took vacations to Florida and to visit Opa and Oma there and it means the world to me (and I know to Opa and Oma too) that Kennadie had the chance to do this with them too.

Some of my favorite moments from our trip-

Kennadie's first time on an airplane.

She kept saying, "I can't believe I am really on a plane. I can't believe that I am really going to Florida!"

Hanging out by the pool.

Kennadie swimming on her own.

She was so determined to swim without any help. We were so proud of her!

Spending time with family.

Opa reading stories to Kennadie before bed.

Kennadie's first time seeing palm trees.

Staying at Disney.

She loved these things and every time we walked by them she insisted that we take pictures.

Magic Kingdom and watching Kennadie meet the princesses.

I can only imagine what was going through her head as she met her favorite princesses. She completely shut down every single time she went up to them and she got all nervous. It was the cutest thing!

Meeting Merida was her absolute favorite!

Weeks later I am still finding glitter in her hair!




Driving around.

Palm trees at stop lights are the best.

House hunting.

Josh talked a lot about moving down here (hopefully some day!) and talked about how right it felt in one area we were in. I love that he says this.

Portofino Bay.

We were engaged here in 2007 and coming back it felt like we were just here a year or two ago. I am so glad that we had just as an amazing time as we did seven years ago. 

Table side serenade.

Sea World.

Excited to feed the dolphins.

This walrus followed Kennadie around for the longest time. No matter where she went he followed her. It was pretty amazing to watch.

So grateful that we had the opportunity to do this trip with Opa and Oma.

Phone collages- 


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