Monday, October 14, 2013

little moments from last week

Just a quick post to link up with Melissa over at Serendipity is Sweet for some of my favorite moments from last week.

-Enjoying the fresh air and beautiful colors on our walks.

-Helping Kennadie with homework. She is only in preschool but right now she loves getting homework (and I love helping her with it) and she asks to do it as soon as she get home from school.

-Trips to our library. We love making the crafts and curling up on the couch in the library to read stories together.

-Having our special "sleepover party". This is the second time I have done this for her and she thinks it's the coolest thing ever. This one wasn't as planned out as the last one, but she has been asking me to do a sleepover party again for a while now, so we surprised her with The Little Mermaid movie, cupcakes with Little Mermaid figurines (of course), watching the movie in bed, and her favorite part-mommy having a sleepover in her room.

-Hanging out with Kennadie as she performs for us. She knows almost all of Taylor Swift's songs and at bedtime she blasts her radio and sings in bed. Whenever I hear her singing I can't help but go up and sit with her and record her on video. This is one of my favorite things that she does right now.

-Josh and I spending a Sunday morning with Kennadie at the mall so she could pick out a toy at the Disney Store, ride the carousel, and eat cinnabuns. It's the little things.

-She has been all about "writing books" lately and I absolutely love this. She makes up the entire story and writes what she can and I help write the rest out for her. So cool to watch her do this and I love her imagination.

- And just being goofy and spending time with her.

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