Monday, October 21, 2013


I love these currently posts because they are always fun to look back on to see what we were doing at certain times in our lives, what we were excited about, what we were reading, what we were watching. Always brings back so many memories.

Watching- We don't watch too much TV and we have been throwing around the idea of getting rid of cable altogether and just keep Netflix and Vudu, but every week I do look forward to watching to Parenthood. Love everything about this show. We have also just started to get into The Voice. So good! Josh and I are both really into documentaries and have been watching a bunch of them lately. Recently, we watched Tent City, I Am, and Off and Running. I think I love documentaries so much because after watching one, I always feel so inspired to do something more, to help more, to love more, to enjoy life more. 

Listening to- I don't know what made me think of it, but a few weeks ago I downloaded a bunch of Christina Aguilera albums to listen to in the car and I can't believe I never really listened to her before this. She is incredibly talented and I found so many new powerful songs that I just love. Kennadie has been getting into some of these songs too, and I love listening to her belt them out in the car. 

Thinking about- Thinking about so much lately. Finally signing up to finish my degree, work and what I want to do as a career, adoption, getting everything finished for our home study, growing our family, where Kennadie is going to go to school next year, and I have been thinking about volunteering with Kennadie. I have been thinking about this for a while, but just haven't taken the initiative to do it. I know how fortunate we are and although I do volunteer with PSI, I would love to volunteer with Kennadie somewhere and teach her the importance of giving and helping others.

Reading- For the longest time I had so many samples on my kindle and I finally picked one and downloaded How to Practice: The Way to a Meaningful Life. Marcia talks with me a lot about enlightenment and growth and living a meaningful and peaceful life and I find Buddhism so interesting and I enjoy learning about it and this book is a really good place to start. 

Making me happy- The cool weather, leaves changing color, sweaters and boots, reading, writing more, knowing our MAPP training will be complete next week, starting our home study soon, knowing we are on our way to growing our family, feeling like I am moving forward in so many ways, and taking walks around the neighborhood with Kennadie.

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