Sunday, September 1, 2013

kids were here- the end of summer 2013

As the summer starts to come to an end we are beginning to get back into a routine & we are looking forward to so much this fall. Dance started back up on Monday, back to school clothes shopping is done, new pink sparkly shoes are placed neatly in the box in the corner of Kennadie's room until school starts, we started our MAPP training towards adoption this past week, I should be starting a job blogging come October (which I am super excited about), & I started a job at a daycare/preschool. I wasn't sure if I was going to take this job, but the days & hours fit perfectly with our schedule & I really enjoy it. I get to work with my best friend & some really sweet women who have already made me feel so welcome, & the best part is that Kennadie gets to come with me & she loves it. I was offered full time hours, but right now it just doesn't work with our schedule, so for now this all works out great!


I recently found the kids were here project & I absolutely love this idea-documenting details of evidence that kids were here. I love that each day our home tells a different story of my daughter, of the fun things we did together that day, of all the wonderful memories that we make in our home. The flip flops tossed wherever she feels like it, her toys & pretend makeup & dress up jewelry found in random spots around the house, her artwork hanging on the playroom wall, stickers on my car windows & the walls & wherever else she feels like sticking them, her "guys" all over the place, her first backpack & lunchbox that she picked out for the preschool at the daycare, sand from the beach in my car, the path of towels & clothes that lead from her bathroom to her bedroom-all of this is a part of our story, & to me these are some of the little things that make our house a home & I can't imagine our house (or my car) any other way. I try my best to be present each day & I am so glad that I found this project because it forces me to do just that & reminds me that these days of toys & clothes & stickers & shoes all over the place won't be forever.



Check out the kids were here page here

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