Saturday, August 31, 2013

block island, part one

It was a last minute decision to take a girls trip to Block Island last week & I'm so glad that we did. Anytime I get away it always offers me a different perspective on life. I'm always inspired to stop & live in the moment & reminded to make each day that we have together count & to enjoy the little moments that much more.

This was Kennadie's first ferry ride & she thought it was pretty awesome. She loves going on vacations & talks about her favorite hotel & campground & beach all the time. Filling up her childhood making as many memories as we can is something we love doing for her.

We met Krista's friend who lives on Block Island; his family owns a few hotels & restaurants & the farm here, so he was our tour guide the entire time. We began by spending some time over at one of their properties that offered breathtaking views of the ocean.

Before lunch he took us over to his grandfather's farm to give Kennadie a behind the scenes tour so she could hang out with all of the animals.

This turkey was so friendly & followed us everywhere.

This little kangaroo was her favorite. She loved him!

The edible flowers- she thought it was so weird to eat a flower :)

After spending some time at the farm we went for lunch at The Oar. The atmosphere is casual & super friendly & it doesn't get much better than overlooking the ocean while eating.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the beach relaxing & walking along the shore. Seth showed Kennadie how to surf on his board & she rode a few waves all by herself. I loved watching her do this!

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