Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I have never been good with endings & today, as we are back to our normal routines after having Josh home from work for the past nine days, we are already missing having him here. We decided to have more of a staycation instead of going anywhere for the week & these times at home are just as important as traveling. Taking time to just be, fixing things up around the house, staying up too late & getting up too early, having nowhere to be except with each other, everything just a bit more relaxed.

Josh & I kicked off the week with a date night at Kaizen & a big family breakfast at Oma & Opa's. Spending time with family is so important to me & I love that we have this time together.

We headed down to Mohegan for a mini getaway & it's always a nice bonus when we get there & have a free upgrade to a suite waiting for us. Kennadie loves it here & always asks to go where the "woof" is. We spent the rest of the day down at the pool, had dinner at Margaritaville, played games at the arcade, & had Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Kennadie was wiped by the end of the night, so after getting her ready for bed we took turns staying with her while the other went downstairs to play some slots. We had such a great time!

After our breakfast buffet in the morning, my parents & sister met us down at our favorite beach for the day.

The rest of the week we worked on the house, spent time with each other & with family, made S'mores over the fire, took walks, & just really enjoyed our time together.

Some photos from the rest of the week-

She loves having her daddy home :)

Our sunset walk-

Have a great week! 

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