Thursday, June 13, 2013

camping day 2: the beach, ice cream, & s'mores

Camping was a blast. I loved everything about it-the hour it took Josh to make pancakes on the tiny stove, our dirty bottomed feet, not once turning on a TV, the quiet, the giggles, quickly sudsing up in the coin operated shower, not thinking about anything but the present moment.

After our pancake breakfast on the picnic table we decided to check out the trail through the woods that eventually led us to the beach. Not a single person was around & I enjoyed being together in that moment where all that existed was the three of us. 

As we turned left on a quiet road at the end of the trail, the view did not disappoint. It was beyond beautiful.

W pretty much had the entire stretch of sand to ourselves except for the few others who somehow knew about this hidden gem.

Hours went by & we were still happy just playing, running, finding shells & colored rocks, & watching her dance in the sand.

And I about lost my mind when we spotted a seal again. I ran far down the beach, following him as he swam & played in that ocean water.

We stopped at the campground for lunch & then made our way back to Provincetown for ice cream at the beach. I love it here- the rich history, everything is bright and colorful and happy, the friendliness, the way you can stroll in & out of shops with your dog.

I love the way my kid eats an ice cream cone- ice cream melting down her hands, all over her face & on her nose, ice cream dripping on the table & ground & on her clothes, her sticky fingers. She does this up right.

When she sees a beach she is just drawn to it, a force pulling her there as she kicks off her flip flops & plops her little body in the warm sand. I totally get it.

She was completely exhausted by the end of the day but we couldn't let her miss out on the last night of cooking on the grill & making chocolaty S'mores over the campfire.

We had an amazing time. 

Phone dump from our trip-

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