Sunday, June 9, 2013

camping day 1: sand dunes & a sunset

Since I starting blogging & becoming more involved with photography I have noticed a difference in the way I see the world around me. I can't help but search out the beauty in the ordinary moments. I look for it each & every day & I make it a point to find it. I have learned to laugh every day, to let go of the not so important things, to surround myself with people I care about & who truly care about me; to let the others go.

As scary & hard as it was going through PPOCD/PPA I can see how much I have grown from that experience. Because of what I went through I found a new way of living; it led me to blogging & documenting our life. I started to take photography to an entirely new level. I found an appreciation for the little moments in life. When I look back on photos that I have taken I feel so very blessed to have this in my life, to have these moments recorded that would otherwise be forgotten or have gone unnoticed, to have a chance to do this not only for  me, but for my family & for Kennadie. When I look through my lens I see beauty in the simple things. 


Day 1-

We surprised Josh with this mini vacation for his birthday & maybe it was because this was Kennadie's first time camping & I couldn't help but feel pure happiness when I saw her excitement, or maybe it was because this was our first camping trip together as a family, or maybe it was the perfect weather, the quiet campground, or the salty sea air- whatever it was I can most definitely say this was one of my favorite vacations. 

She packed her own little bag full of her favorite figurines, dolls, coloring books & crayons, v-reader, & her 'puter (aka her LeapPad). It was a 3 hour ride down to the Cape & she did awesome with the drive.

The minute we walked into our "camper truck" she claimed the top bunk & happily played up there with her toys while we unpacked.

That night I had one more surprise for Josh, so we cooked on the grill & we ate a quick dinner on our picnic table before heading out to Provincetown for the sand dunes tour.

A few years ago when we were down here I remember seeing the trucks for the dune tous & thought it would be such a cool thing to do, but I had absolutely no idea what to expect. The people who work at Art's are awesome, they are super friendly & the tour was incredible. Beyond amazing.

We parked the truck to take in the gorgeous view & watched as the kids & adults ran down the sand.

Half an hour before sunset we drove to the (almost) empty beach to play in the ice cold ocean water & run around in the cool sand & we watched as the sun put on a breathtaking performance.

I have seen many sunsets but for some reason this one was by far my favorite; the cotton candy sky, birds flying right into the sunset, how magical it felt when the seal made his debut just before the sky turned a bright orange & people became silhouettes. I was blown away.

The ocean is my place- the place I feel most alive, inspired, happy, creative, content, myself. I felt all that & more here.

Our night ended on that beach with sparklers & laughing with these people who came into our life for only a few hours & a lot of amazing memories.

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