Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a (chaotic) 4th birthday party

We have all thrown a party expecting 50 people to show up with less than an hour to get home, clean, decorate, & set up, right?

No? Just us?

She wanted a Lion King party this year & we had so much fun with all of the planning. We walked down the aisles at iparty searching until we found the perfect bright orange tablecloths & small teal boxes for the utensils. Like a little kid, Josh got all excited & quickly picked out toys for the boys goodie bags complete with parachute men, water guns, & nerf balls while I spent a good half an hour gazing up & down each aisle until I found the perfect princess wands, pink & blue heart shaped sunglasses, princess stickers & tattoos, & dress up jewelry for the girls.
We chose the playground for her party this year thinking we were going to save a little money & thought it would be easy & fun. 

This party cost us more money than any party we have thrown yet & it wasn’t even close to being easy.  

It started with the missing piñata- a bright yellow & blue Lion King piñata with her favorites, Simba & Narla, on it. I was a little nervous when three days before the party we still hadn’t received the piñata & when I tracked the package online I was surprised to see that it was showing it had already been delivered. We couldn’t find this thing anywhere & then Friday night as we ate dinner Josh got up from the table without saying a word, walked out the front door & into the woods. We watched him through the kitchen window as he picked up a big brown package. The frickin’ piñata had blown in the woods & had been sitting there for three days.   
Josh picked up the cake & food Sunday morning while I went back to iParty for like the fourth time & stuffed 24 balloons in my small SUV. We drove right over to the playground & when we got there we stood in almost hurricane strength winds (I may be exaggerating a little) & it was cold. Really cold. We quickly made the decision to move the party to our house where it wasn’t as windy & at least people would have the option to go outside or stay in. I called Laura & Amy panicking- Laura offered to call everyone that she could to let them know of the address change & they both came right over to help. I still had all of her friends from school coming & didn’t have any of their phone numbers, so my parents stayed behind at the playground, holding a single red balloon, & directed everyone to our house, twenty minutes away. 
Meanwhile, with less than an hour before the party is supposed to start, I drove back home to set up & of course I got stuck behind people who (I swear) weren't even driving the speed limit & I got every single red light. At that point I was completely freaking out- how does someone clean & get a house ready for a party in thirty minutes?!  

Josh’s sister came to help clean & Amy & Laura showed up right away. Things were swiped off the counters & shoved into closets & anything that I could see that wasn’t needed for the party was thrown into the bedrooms. The dishwasher was full of clean dishes & the sink was full of dirty dishes from the night before, so I pulled an Aile & shoved the dirty dishes in a plastic bag & tossed them down cellar.

It wasn’t easy & I cried (twice) from being so completely overwhelmed, but we did what we had to do to give our little girl the birthday party with her friends that she was so excited about having. 

She didn’t care about the little details or that the balloons were stuffed in a corner in the empty sunroom or that the house wasn’t spotless & perfectly decorated for a party. She didn’t care where the party took place or that I only have about ten not so great pictures. She had so much fun playing with her friends & we were so happy that no one seemed to mind the complete chaos & everyone seemed to have a good time.

No matter how much you plan for things or have a certain picture in your head about something, life doesn’t always go as planned & we had to adjust accordingly. Although it wasn’t how I envisioned the party going at all, we got it done, & for having thirty minutes to clean & set up, we did a damn good job & it's definitely something we can look back on & laugh about. 

Happy 4th Birthday Kennadie! We love you!  

A few of the pictures from the party that I did end up getting-



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Kristin @littlemamajama said...

Ugh, it's such a cold spring this year. Love that you threw the dirty dishes in the cellar! LOL

Glad that it turned out to be such a fun day for Kennadie. Happy 4th Birthday! :)