Wednesday, February 6, 2013

more to think about & our weekend

We are having second thoughts about the fertility clinic we have been working with. Last week I called to let the nurse know about a positive ovulation test on day 6 of my cycle. The nurse questioned why I would even be testing so early. I explained to her how the doctor told me to start on day 6. She informed me that it was definitely a false positive & I shouldn't even start testing until at least day 11. I had no idea who I should be listening to as we were all clearly on separate pages. Then a few days later we received an envelope from them & inside was another couples medical information including test results. They obviously mailed it to us by mistake. And then we had a phone consultation scheduled for 11:30am on Tuesday. Noon time came & went & they still hadn't called. I tried to call to find out what was going on & had to leave a message. Two hours later the doctor finally called but we were out with Kennadie so I couldn't really talk like I had wanted. She did apologize for not calling earlier & said she had looked in her book & thought the appointment was for 1:30pm. I completely understand things happen. I can forget about the nurse & doctor telling me two different things. Paperwork gets mixed up sometimes. We all have missed appointments or wrote down the wrong time or day. No big deal. But when all of these little things are happening within a week, it worries us a bit. Josh & I were talking & we thought that we may be overreacting or setting our standards too high, but this is our future, our money, our time, & there are medical procedures we are considering that should be taken seriously. Any procedure that we decide to go ahead with is going to have to be paid out of our own pockets & if they are sending us other patients medical information & getting appointments mixed up, it's not the best first impression & we are a little concerned about handing over lots of money for something that is very serious & important to us. I don't want to have to start all over & look for a new doctor because this place is close to us & we have already started the process with them but we definitely have a lot to think about now.

This weekend was great, especially since Josh had three days off in a row :) My amazing parents took Kennadie for a sleepover Saturday night so Josh & I went to this great Italian restaurant with my very close friend Laura & her husband. We aren't big drinkers at all but occasionally when we go out to dinner I like to have a glass (or two) of wine. I know nothing about wine (other than I like white wine) but they didn't have what I normally would drink so I tried a rosé wine. I loved it! It was really good. The meal was delicious & it was such a nice break to go out & have some good conversations. We were there for almost three hours & talked the entire night. We had such a great time!

Saturday morning my mom, Kennadie & I went out to breakfast & then did a little shopping at the Christmas Tree Shops & Joanne's. I wasn't too impressed with Joanne's at all but I did find this awesome fairy garden kit that we made with Kennadie over the weekend. It came with seeds, "magic" beans, a fairy, accessories to paint & magic fairy dust. We had a lot of fun doing this & she has been watering it every day & is excited to see the plants start to grow :)

Josh had Sunday-Tuesday off so we ended up getting some things done around the house, grocery shopping, lots of play time with Kennadie & we even had some time to relax, which was really nice! We wanted to take Kennadie somewhere on Tuesday & when we asked her what she wanted to do her response was, "Go to Chuck E Cheese with daddy!" So that's what we did. Unfortunately, she was not her usual talkative self & was a bit off & cranky (I think she was still so tired from staying up late at my mom's) but we made the best of it & had fun anyways :) 

Some pics from the weekend:


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Kristin @littlemamajama said...

(I'm really behind and just now catching up! Oops!) I'm so sorry about what's going on with the clinic. I think gut feelings can sometimes be very telling, and you're right - that's a lot of mistakes in one week! :(

Loved catching up on all of your gorgeous pictures from this month. So happy for you that you seem to be living in all of the beautiful moments with your family. May have fallen behind on reading this month, but you've definitely been on my mind as I know you're going through a lot right now. xo