Friday, October 12, 2012

old & new memories

When Josh & I moved in together six years ago we rented a little white house in the most adorable neighborhood. Warm summer nights were spent watching lightning storms, listening to music, & enjoying late night conversations on our porch. Lazy Sunday afternoons were spent at the pond near our house. Here, Josh would fish while I sat on the cool brown beach sand yelling, “Don’t hurt the fish. Throw them back gently!” I was content with a book in my hands, sitting on the sand deep in thought, or just taking in the beauty that surrounded me. 

When I needed space, time to myself, or to clear my head-this is where I would go. Every morning, just as the sun began to rise, I would take Dakota & our foster dog, Sheba for a walk around this pond. After dinner, Josh & I would walk the dogs here while chatting about our day & planning our future.  Our initials are carved in a tree right after this bridge & two years ago we came back with Kennadie & added her initials on. 

There are so many great memories here & I try to come back at least once a year. A few weeks ago, my sister & I took Kennadie & our dogs & spent the morning at the pond. We walked along the paths, stopping every few minutes so Kennadie could pick up the caterpillars she found & move them to the side so no one would step on them. We ate an early lunch on a bench that overlooks the water & we watched Kennadie throw pieces of bread into the water for the one & only duck that made its way over to us. It was so nice being back & I look forward to making new memories here each year.

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Kristin @littlemamajama said...

Aw, what a neat idea!

That place looks so peaceful.