Sunday, April 1, 2012

50 random things about me

1.     My best friend & I were pregnant at the same time & no it wasn't planned. We had the same due date but I beat her & my daughter came first :)

2.     I have always wanted to live in the south & I think southern accents are the best!

3.     I don't watch the news & usually have no idea what is going on in the world.

4.     I am extremely passionate about learning about postpartum mood disorders & hope to someday be able to help others who have been faced with this & help kick ppd ass!

5.     I live in New England but hate the cold & snow. I swear in my past life I lived on an island & worked at a tiki bar.

6.     My mission is to convince my hubby to move somewhere warm.

7.     I envy moms who take (well deserved) time during the day to relax. You know the moms who actually sleep when the baby sleeps?

8.     I founded a moms group for women in my area.

9.     I embarrass myself all. the. time.

10. I am famous for leaving my coffee on top of my car & driving away with it still up there :)

11. I drop & spill everything. I once was giving a pedicure & dropped my classmates sneaker in the pedi bowl…nuff said!

12. I love to dance. I used to country line dance & was pretty good at it.

13. I am addicted to DD iced coffee, junk food, to do lists & organizing.

14. I am outgoing but also shy & sometimes care too much about what others think.

15. I am extremely sensitive.

16.  I am very passionate about things I love. 

17.I love being around people who make me laugh.

18.I don't like being around people who are fake or talk bad about others.

19.I really don't understand why everyone can't just get along!

20.I am Kenny Chesney’s biggest fan. Period.

21.I was front row at a Kenny Chesney concert & his sweat dripped on my lips. True story!

22.Kenny Chesney blew me a kiss at one of his concerts. Another true story!

23.Just because you want to read more about Kenny Chesney- I would love to be friends with him & hang out on a boat in the islands just talking, singing & listening to some good music.

24.I was once thrown from a horse while riding.

25.I was in a bad car accident in the snow when I was 19. If I absolutely have to drive in the snow, I drive with my car in neutral at a speed of about 5mph with my hazards on. I can imagine how pissed off the other drivers get.

26. When I was in middle school, my garage door fell on my arm while I was rollerblading & my bone popped out of my wrist. It was bad.

27.I don’t like watching any sports unless it is the Celtics.

28.I am afraid of the dark.

29.I am afraid of heights but have seriously considered skydiving.

30.I am tongue tied & can barely stick out my tongue.

31.I have to sleep with the covers on even if it is hot out.

32.I wanted to start a blog to help others struggling with a postpartum mood disorder.

33.I love deep conversations that last late into the night.

34.I dropped out of college and grad school because of my anxiety. 

35.I would rather text or email than talk on the phone.

36.I believe in psychics.

37.I can’t cook & have a hard time telling the difference between a cucumber & green squash. Don't judge me :)

38. I have always thought about homeschooling...deep down I wish I could do it.

39.When I am upset I like to go for a drive with the music blasting.

40.I love documentaries, memoirs & reality tv.

41.Sometimes when I am alone in my car, I blast my music & jam out to old school rap. When I get to a stop light I turn the music down so others can't hear :)

42.I would love to be a singer but since I suck at it, it will never happen.

43.I have a bad habit of eating junk food. I sometimes regularly eat an entire row of oreo cookies at once. I would keep going & start on the 2nd row but I'm afraid of what my husband would think of me :)

44.If I won the lottery, I really would give at least half of it (or more) to charity, family & friends. I think about it a lot.

45.I wear flip flops as soon as the snow melts.

46.My toes are always painted a hot pink.

47.I have only tried sushi once & probably won’t do it again.

48.I love to laugh & I get excited over everything.

49.I am loud.

50.I use exclamation points & smiley faces all too often when I write :)


Ray said...

hahaha awesome Oreos are my favorite cookie. i cant have any at home because ill devour them.

Hannah said...

Love your random list especially since so many things on there reminded me of myself :) Your first one made me laugh because my sister and I have been pregnant at the same time (due within days or a few weeks of each other) twice now and neither time was planned! She'd announce her pregnancy and then a few days later, I'd find out I was pregnant too, lol.

Jess Casey said...

Just found you thru momma's losing it! I love your blog and your openess! Keep it up.