Wednesday, March 28, 2012

warrior moms

In the midst of panic, scary thoughts, feeling hopeless & alone, I came across Postpartum Progress. This was the day that changed it all for me. I suddenly was no longer alone. I took comfort in reading stories of women who had been through hell & back knowing that they have survived. I remember thinking these women who I have never met somehow understood everything that I had been through. It gave me hope that I could survive & get through this too.

Then I came across the Warrior Moms Photo Album. This album is here for women to share their photos to help combat the negative media images & stigma of ppd & to help other mothers see that they can recover.

I thought about their stories.

 I thought I could never be in that place.

I thought I could never be considered a Warrior Mom.

I thought I would never get through it & come out on the other side.

I never thought I would tell anyone let alone send my picture in for everyone to see.

I thought about how I wished I were one of those moms in the album.

How did these moms do it?

They are so brave & so strong.

That could never be me.

Almost 3 years since PPA/PPOCD hit, I can finally say that I too am a Warrior Mom. I made it through that hell & came out a better person because of it. It wasn’t easy. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. 

I didn't believe it would ever get better.

But it did & it will get better for you too. 

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