Wednesday, March 21, 2012

mother's pride

I am linking up with Charity over at: Our Giggles & Grimaces for the Mother’s Pride blog carnival. Thinking about what I am proud of is honestly not something that I think all that much about. I enjoyed thinking about this though & it makes me realize the positive in my life.

I am proud of myself for fighting through ppa/ppocd. I have learned how to be strong. I had to push myself to limits I didn’t even know existed inside of me.

I am proud that I never gave up. There were so many times throughout my experience where I wanted to give up & stop searching for answers. The times I felt like it would never get better, the panic attacks, the intrusive thoughts, the running around in circles for years…it was all so exhausting. I wanted to give up & just “deal” with it. Instead, I fought & have found some answers & found amazing support along the way.

I am proud of everything that I have learned throughout this.

I am proud that I want to finish my degree so that I can help others who struggle with postpartum mood disorders. It breaks my heart to know others are struggling.

I am proud of the mom & wife I am becoming.

I am proud of the “new me” that I am becoming. At the beginning of the ppa/ppocd I used to want my old self back. Instead of getting my old self back, I am now becoming a better person because of what I went through.  

I am proud that I have finally opened up about what I was really going through. I used to hide the intrusive thinking because I thought it was something to be ashamed of. I didn’t tell a single person for years. I know being honest will only help me & will help others who are struggling.

I am proud that I have started a blog.  To put it all out there was a pretty huge step for me. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone & did it. I really enjoy writing & all the support I am finding through blogs.



Ursula Ciller said...

Great post. You've done really well with your life, the blog, and all these acheivements. Your never-give-up attitude is a winner!

Kimberly said...

I am so proud of you!
I love that you're taking this experience and turning it into something so positive. You are going to help out more women than you know. Keep up the good work Mama!!

Andrea said...

Awww Kim, thank you! I really appreciate that :) xoxoxo