Tuesday, March 20, 2012

birthday letter to kennadie

Dear Kennadie,

Happy 3rd birthday my little princess! I can't believe that you are already 3 years old. I always say that I wish I could keep you as my "baby" forever. You are growing up way too fast!

You are becoming your own little person right before my eyes.Your favorite color is pink. Your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid & your favorite part is when Ursella steals Ariel's voice...you can recite the entire scene. You love books & school. You are scared of bugs. You are easy going & I can take you anywhere...but you also like things done your way & "perfectly" & if it's not, we better watch out! You love the ocean & playing at the beach. You love when our kitty Dallas sleeps with you. You love to have your back "tickled". 

I’ll never forget the first time I saw your little face. I felt an instant love & connection with you. I don’t take that feeling for granted for even one second. I would cry at times after you were born, not because I was sad but because the love I felt for you was so deep, unlike anything I ever felt before.

I have watched you crawl for the first time, take your first steps, say your first word (which was mama) & helped you learn your abc’s & 123’s. I have watched you walk into your preschool classroom for the first time without you even looking back. We have gone from taking mommy & me gymnastics classes to you becoming ready to take the class all on your own, while I sit & watch. It was tough to let that go, but I cherish every class we ever went to. The time we had taking the gymnastics classes together was very special to me. I will never get that time back but I want you to know that I enjoyed our mommy & me classes more than you will ever know.

 I am so proud of the little girl that you are.

 You are extremely caring & kind.

You are so sweet, you listen well & you always aim to please.

You are so gentle with animals, babies & everyone.

I enjoy the laughter you bring into my life & into our family.

I admire the way you live in the moment.

I appreciate how you teach me to enjoy the simple things in life.

I love when you know if I am annoyed at something but always have a way of making me laugh with one of your little antics like skateboarding on the cleaning products or making goofy faces at me.

I love how your motto is Hakuna Matata mommy.

You brighten up my life.

I see complete beauty when I look at you & wish only the best for you in life. You are a shy little girl right now but I hope you develop a deep confidence in yourself. I hope you will know to not always take the easy road & if you work hard & finish what you start then you will succeed at anything.

Whatever choices you make in life, daddy & I are here to support you. We are your biggest fans & will do whatever it takes to help you. I hope you always feel comfortable to talk to me, ask me for advice, to come to me for a shoulder to cry on or for me to just listen to you.  

I love you more than the moon (& I love you more than peanut butter cups & cookie dough ice cream)

Love forever & always,


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Ivy said...

What a beautiful, touching, loving letter. You are a wonderful mom...and you have a beautiful little girl!