Thursday, August 10, 2017

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Jess's bday with family

We've been busy trying to soak in as much summer as we can and I don't even want to think about how at the end of this month summer will be over and we all will be back at school and work. Other than a camp or two for Kennadie and horseback riding lessons and a few weeks here and there at th daycare for Nicole and swimming lessons for her, we've been pretty much just relaxing, taking day trips, and loving the no set schedule that summer brings.

I still haven't completely figured out grad school but I am 99.9% sure I will not go back right now. I wasn't happy and I was extremely stressed out and for me it's not worth it at this point in my life. I may regret not finishing but I will never regret the time spent with my family and doing what I can to stay healthy mentally.

The pups aren't babies anymore! I noticed this about a month or two ago- Skylar started hating sleeping in her crate at night so we trained them to sleep on beds on the floor instead. It took literally one night and we were so surprised at how quick they learned! We don't use the crates at all anymore as they can be trusted when we leave for at least a good couple hours now. They don't eat my furniture anymore (haha) and other than Skylar getting in the trash once they've been so good when we leave them. We gate the second floor off though because our two cats hang out upstairs and are still afraid of the dogs so the dogs stay on the first floor and it's been working really well.

At the beginning of the summer Oma got sick and was hospitalized for about a week and then had another week or two in rehab. She's been home and doing well but it still kills me to think about how everything changed three years ago. I still think of them as Opa and Oma the active travellers driving back and forth from Florida and to all different states visiting their friends and babysitting Kennadie and walking around at Sea World together. I hate getting older and I wish everyone could stay young and live forever, but that's for an entirely different post.

We have been talking about doing more travelling and we have some trips planned. I am happiest travelling, it's just a part of who I am and it's so important to me and there are so many places I want to go and see. If only we could travel for a job and get paid for it :)

And now some photos from the last few weeks or so.

Jess's bday with family Jess's bday with family Jess's bday with family Chuck E. Cheese and minecraft magic show on a rainy day Chuck E. Cheese and minecraft magic show on a rainy day IMG_7316 IMG_7319 Riding Rainy day walks Rainy day walks Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing Fishing A day at Ocean beach park A day at Ocean beach park A day at Ocean beach park A day at Ocean beach park A day at Ocean beach park

The girls play so incredibly well together when we are out, if only they could play like this when we were home!

A day at Ocean beach park A day at Ocean beach park
Pups 🐶 Pups 🐶

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