Sunday, June 25, 2017

an animal sanctuary

Animal sanctuary

I gave Kennadie two choices on Thursday-a water park or something with animals. It was no surprise she chose doing something that had to do with animals. I was looking for a different zoo, one where we have never been before when I came across two animal sanctuaries. One only allowed visitors in by booking a tour but the other was open to the public. We made the hour long drive to Winslow Farm in Norton and got there as soon as it opened. Wooded, private, and we practically had the entire place to ourselves. Being a total cat person, Kennadie's face lit up the moment we opened the gate and were greeted by some friendly cats. A turkey hung out with us while we ate our lunch on a picnic table, and we swooned over how cute the donkeys and horses and goats were. Nicole enjoyed the playground most, Kennadie was "attacked" by a goose (which was pretty funny), we relaxed in the rocking swing, and played together on the saddled see-saws. Kennadie and I fell in love with two of the cats-one was hit by a car and had lost one of his legs and was blind in one eye and the other had a small piece missing from his ear. They were so precious and sweet and we spent a lot of time petting and hanging out with them. Definitely a great little place and I absolutely love that their mission is to save abused and neglected animals.

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