Thursday, March 31, 2016

March wrap-up

The other weekend we had a beautiful day and took full advantage of the nice weather, packed up the girls and Dakota and met Krista, Tim and Bailey at Moore park for a nice few hours of walking. This was right before we had any idea Dakota would be diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma.

 photo 59AFED7B-E15D-4AB9-AAA9-4D05D0EEDC70_zpsynt2nain.jpg

Laura and I took the girls for lunch at unos and then met Amy and Katelynn for the Zootopia movie. I love going to lunch on a Saturday afternoon and it was so much fun.

 photo 32D3BAF5-9312-47CD-AC4B-88D0C742E0CE_zpsw8nnymj9.jpg

These two!

 photo 6047DB26-28D9-4A99-85B2-54C6180B8571_zpsvifdocbf.jpg

A taste of spring weather. This afternnon I took the girls out to play after school and Dakota just laid in the garage, which is totally not like him so I knew whatever was going on was pretty serious.

 photo 06D15134-A8BA-4CB1-B28F-BA87CFE0DB59_zpsckefkyuh.jpg

Nicole's first school picture!

 photo D5676E2C-C44B-4495-94FB-3244CC200E39_zpsnpwg1vgo.jpg

He loves a trip to DD for a munchkin!

 photo 7F5E2163-FEA7-472F-9B77-8D8E60FB6E6E_zpspift5ugj.jpg

Before he started walking again, I can see the unhappiness in his eyes :(

 photo 2CA82E93-7BF7-4E1F-AB0E-6AB1BABDA84F_zps1jb3hpmj.jpg

Dakota's first PT session and he looks so much happier!

 photo CA3D2860-99B6-45AD-8342-A45EDE3C1FC0_zpsqkuvvtt3.jpg

Our twice a week car rides to Walpole- just relaxing!

 photo 3D6F7410-97C8-42C4-807E-73DB278B73A9_zpskpb8dpof.jpg

After his swimming session in PT he gets pampered with a nice blow dry and falls asleep :)

 photo CEFECF55-3669-4FA7-AADF-D667337F1F82_zpsysw1srdv.jpg

A day off of school spent at the library with friends and ice cream and then dinner at Ronnies with everyone.

 photo 689089AB-9386-4BDA-BAD9-48FCA6CF87D1_zpsrqzvipku.jpg  photo D3EA923F-3DB5-4745-82C5-9451F6834C39_zpsptjp0okt.jpg  photo 766879BE-BE66-4F47-8D58-3BDD33759135_zpseogh6dge.jpg

Cuddles on the couch!

 photo 21215F8E-F148-4AFD-B763-AAAAC796EA86_zpsdcc9kg9g.jpg  photo D6177B45-905C-48F3-A39E-F26A6A14D100_zpsirtukynl.jpg

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