Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nicole's 3rd birthday parties

We celebrated Nicole's 3rd birthday with cupcakes and gifts with just the four of us on her actual birthday. That Saturday we had our closest family over to celebrate and we had a really nice time. We had tons of food- wraps, meatballs, chips, cake, and ice cream and and all enjoyed watching her open gifts. Then last night we had one last party with just Erin, Amy, Laura, and Stef and their husbands and the kids. I just wanted to do something very small and casual so we all got a ton of pizza, had mozzarella sticks, chips, and I made cupcakes and we had ice cream. The kids all played while us adults hung out jn the sunroom and talked. We all did the little photo booth prop and the kids did the pinata, and Nicole opened a few gifts. It was such a fun night without having to go over the top and with just a few of our closest friends and family.

The first set of photos are from just the four of us on Nicole's actual birthday; the second set of photos are from her family party, and the third set are from her little party last night-

 photo FF3A5E10-0540-4BD0-82A3-A7ED906111F5_zps66p3ncq9.jpg  photo E3BB4ADA-E0D4-4DA5-B5AF-715D61369737_zpsy01lctkt.jpg  photo 13A1F797-B066-4189-A737-D4D8ADA4D606_zpsloyfyscj.jpg  photo F13E0902-3E09-4B0E-AA5A-8458A6F10137_zpspsky3f4b.jpg  photo 2836FDAE-4D99-4C64-A1E4-566A4A172EFE_zpsfqcfjdwc.jpg

 photo 35C0C15C-9AFE-4544-904A-C9629D241B92_zpswridafh4.jpg
 photo 9D57ED47-0EB4-4CC9-BE67-C54CDC56F463_zpszlduxwgf.jpg  photo 0A28960F-4C9A-414B-B66E-F4EF22C9E84A_zpsomnqw5hm.jpg  photo 464C114F-ACDC-4B11-8B90-24ED4C2880D5_zps1gtsrk2z.jpg  photo CCD89510-F779-4D56-94F6-193C74DA2E31_zpsss975dsv.jpg  photo 87FDE25B-3AD3-4D79-9FBA-D3E520D04BBF_zps6470xcfk.jpg  photo 87991B80-5A18-42DF-ACD7-9BAAEBB86828_zpsdx9sr5zd.jpg  photo D243DFE0-7933-4074-A8EA-D78FE4901108_zps5s9e64bi.jpg  photo 108DD982-5860-4380-81AD-BF497A3834BE_zpsmkfqwwuo.jpg  photo 0D8A5DEC-A3B0-4711-97C8-E5ABA093B7C2_zpsdzpk2qdt.jpg  photo F7B17B38-3B22-4DD9-B8D9-62343573E788_zpsdnxlqule.jpg

 photo 291C2F8A-10D9-4CF4-AD5F-36FE3838F0AB_zpsssvspbnu.jpg  photo FF1DA7AA-C582-44D2-A987-567EA4309D5D_zpswu7m3dwm.jpg  photo F33C883E-68B6-4653-A300-77E2AC1C6D6F_zps949jme4x.jpg  photo F01CB15E-254F-4BB5-9025-5B01B196688B_zpszbvvimks.jpg  photo 77596EFB-8A7F-48BC-8FEF-935DD6932DB0_zpsajcmhuyh.jpg  photo 4EFF84F5-AFBC-433A-AE5E-2E145BC53E15_zpsrh0jpv0j.jpg  photo 424430AF-0CC4-434F-8096-CA25DABE22BD_zpsrurrc1c0.jpg  photo FE576AB4-BF07-431C-8D30-CCE67D4F769B_zps5hptkuwz.jpg  photo A3560845-A2ED-4513-9AB2-F161E774A34B_zpsexkw2jwx.jpg  photo 31A1312D-1411-462D-863A-A9794549AF7E_zps3ec6jg2k.jpg

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