Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 3rd birthday, Nicole!

Happy Birthday, Nicole! Today you turn three and I can't believe you are no longer a little two year old! I say it all the time but time really does go by so fast. I will never forget the day, the moment you became family. It was as if you were always here and there was no doubt in my mind you were exactly where you belonged. It's amazing to me how the stars align, how everything that had happened in not only our life but your life too, happened for a reason. You are our daughter, Kennadie's sister, and always have been, we all just had to wait for the right moment for you to get here. We couldn't imagine life without you!

Right now you love, love paw patrol and can't get enough of it. You have all the paw patrol "guys" and love playing with them. You love books and doing everything and anything that your big sister is doing. You love playdoh and sand and dressing up like elsa. You love frozen and can watch it over and over. You go to daycare (preschool) and you love going and your teachers miss micayla and miss dani. Early intervention is done for you now as you bave made tremedous improvement and are a rockstar as Beth always told you. You are really good at playing independently and you love to be rocked and cuddled. You still suck your thumb and love your blankie (especially your "lion" blankie. You love shoes and dresses and you give the best hugs. You are silly and fiesty and sweet and caring. You are one stubborn little thing and have tested my patience like no one else ever has! Everyone reminds me how good these qualities are because you don't take crap from anyone, you don't let anyone walk all over you, and you don't back down- all qualities that make you a leader and will benefit you in life. You stand up for yourself and tell everyone how it is. I love you so much and look forward to watching you grow into a beautiful and loving little girl!
Love you more than peanut butter cups!

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