Monday, January 18, 2016


Reading- I'm in the middle of Three More Words. I read Ashley's first memoir, Three Little Words and loved reading her story about her life in the foster care system so I knew I wanted to read this one as well. It's just as good as the first book so far and her story is so heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. I heard they were going to be making a movie from this and if they do I will definitely see it.

Working on- Right now I'm working on trying to get back into a more healthy routine and lifestyle. This has probably been one of the more bigger struggles I have- finding a healthy balance that I'm comfortable with, eating more healthy, and exercising. I can honestly say that I am happy where I am in life and do feel pretty fulfilled but this one area in my life needs work. I know when I'm completely ready it will happen though. The changes I want to make and I'm trying to work on and that I would like to see myself do more of are things like getting up earlier on the weekdays and getting ready and working out and not rushing. Eating more healthy breakfasts during the weekdays, having a better daily routine and doing more fun activities with the girls. Having a date night with Josh more often and spending a little more one-on-one time with Kennadie (since I do spend a lot of time with Nicole during the weekdays) and to Quit smoking! Also just making healthier food choices in general and for the girls such as having an apple instead of chips and me not snacking so much at night!

Watching- I (we) are completely obsessed with Breaking Bad and I can honestly say this is by far my favorite series I've ever watched. We started the first episode or two a long time ago but it seemed a little too fucked up for me at the time. Then we started it back up again a while ago and I still couldn't really get into it as it seemed just so messed up! And then we started it one last time a few weeks ago and got so hooked and have been binge watching ever since. Such a ridiculously awesome show.

Loving- that we have been seriously thinking about and going back and forth on moving or staying and adding on and I think we have finally come to the decision of staying where we are and updating and adding on at least one big living room here. We have always said how we love the energy in this house and we really don't want to leave, we just need more space. This really does feel like home here. We shall see what happens! Also loving thinking about a vacation or two this year and a couples night out planned for Valentine's weekend this year.

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