Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bits of our weekend

Josh had four days off of work and we started our weekend getting some stuff done around the house and having a small party for Nicole's 3rd birthday with a few friends at our house. Saturday the girls and I got up early and Erin picked us up to spend the day at the Boston science museum with all the kids. Kennadie and Genny were in the third row of Erin's car playing minecraft on their tablets when Kennadie starts crying and saying she feels like she's going to throw  up. Thankfully she didn't but I felt so bad. She got car sick from sitting in the way back and playing on the tablet. We won't do that again!

We met up with Amy and Katelynn when we arrived and had a great day with everyone. Besides the huge fit Nicole decided to have where we both ended up in tears in the middle of the museum. We went on with our day once it was over, but man this girl challenges me! At times she brings out this side of me that I don't necessarily like or am proud of. At first I thought it was bad, but she is teaching me so much about myself, the things I don't like, the things I need and want to change.  In those moments I don't think of it this way but once we have calmed down I can see it.  It shows me the darker side of motherhood, that it's not always beautiful and easy and great. It has brought out that side of me that I used to be a long, long time ago and that I want to work hard on changing. We are all a work in progress and no one is perfect but I want to be the best mom and person I can be and I'm thankful that I am aware of this part of myself, the part that needs to be in control, and I'm working on letting that go. She has showed me that I don't have control over many things and that she is her own person and knows what she wants and likes and needs and I should be proud of her for that instead of trying to control her. It's amazing what our kids teach us and how they can push us to change the things we don't like about ourselves and push us to become better.

Sunday, I met up with Erin at the ecotarium with all the kids- great weekend all around!

Our weekend in photos-

 photo F44A5645-39C8-4656-B5E8-9A5C12532140_zpsdt5ckpal.jpg  photo D9DBC003-49F4-4FBF-AEE3-E6453618DC01_zpscmkyttwu.jpg  photo B5CCCCF1-B064-4229-82F6-370E63E06D10_zpsejtxtln8.jpg  photo 6B88F89D-541E-43C8-B419-1481D97B5BAB_zps2gkvj0rt.jpg  photo 581D3A07-7057-4B1C-B72B-27D100B5BF6C_zpsfqq1x7a9.jpg  photo 6694F8B2-522B-4661-BA4B-C087194B473D_zpsnv3bpzcg.jpg  photo BD40C873-0856-4A78-8034-E904DF777241_zpsp6bczmu0.jpg  photo 5A18A367-7DA5-4A9A-8341-7C6F94BD11BC_zps9tbsbfic.jpg  photo EBAE8AA9-F04A-4990-8704-85DD645FCF4A_zpsvcgs7cum.jpg  photo 9492F53F-6363-4CF3-883A-48E6FA72C608_zpsgbi52eae.jpg

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