Friday, January 8, 2016

A little bit of chaos

So much going on it seems right now and I had to just document the craziness of the last few days. Monday, I let Dakota outside and when I called him in he was gone. He somehow got out of our yard. Long story short I looked in woods a bit, drove around my neighborhood a few times and finally a neighbor, who kept driving around as well, stopped me and asked if I was looking for my dog. Dakota had gone to their house and was barking at their back door and they let him in and drove around hoping to find his owner. So, so thankful they did that! Tuesday night, we noticed Dillon up on Kennadie's shelf where her fish is. We didn't think too much about it because we didn't think he could push the tank off as we thought it was too heavy. Wednesday morning while getting the girls ready for school Kennadie went into her bedroom and screamed- her fish was on the floor and the tank was on the floor, water everywhere, the rocks all spilled out. We thought Dillon had killed him. Kennadie scooped up her fish though and put him in the tank. Later that afternoon I was going to clean up the mess and flush the fish when I noticed he was breathing and then started swimming around! I couldn't frickin believe that he was alive. I was so happy and knew Kennadie would be so excited. I kept checking on him throughout the day and then I noticed the tank was cracked and water was leaking out. I took Kennadie, Sevin, Raine, and Nicole to Walmart after school real quick so I could grab a new tank. I had Dakota with me as I take him for rides a lot. Sevin didn't shut her door (apparently) when we got out to go in Walmart and as I was checking out Sevin says "oh my god that looks like poopa!" I turn around and there are five Walmart employees, one holding Dakota, standing there. I was like is that my dog??!! Oh yeah it was. Dakota got out of the car from the door that was left unopened and made his way inside Walmart. I can't make this shit up. So embarassing, so thankful he didn't run away or get hit by a car, and I was in such shock that I was standing there inside the store looking at my dog. Needless to say it was probably the weirdest day of my life so far.

Other than animal drama, we went to see the new house down the road again last night and I'm so in love with it. Unfortunately we aren't finished with this house yet to put it up for sale so I'm not sure this is going to happen. It will just suck if it doesn't though because the price for the house is so good for what we would get. I will be patient and if it's meant to be it will, if not then that means we are meant for something else. 

It's now Friday and I'm just finishing this post up. Today is Nicoles birthday! She turns three today and I can't believe it! I will write a more detailed birthday post for her over the weekend but right now Raine and Sevin are over playing with the girls and tonight we will have cupcakes I made for her and have her open our gifts. Tomorrow we will have a bigger birthday party with all of our closest family coming over for food and cake and ice cream and games and it should be fun for everyone!

A few photos from my phone lately-

 photo ACA410F4-0168-46F0-AA61-F67CD7329936_zpsoycv0u7k.jpg  photo 7884AAA7-A6BF-4A6B-951B-393D610952A5_zpse3j9x9bp.jpg  photo 1AA82C61-006B-45D1-8296-883E084DE606_zps7ijzgtkr.jpg  photo 7805A2C1-5604-456D-957C-DF4C84EBAB3D_zpsxtwtpvwo.jpg

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