Tuesday, December 1, 2015

the countdown 'til christmas

We kicked off the Christmas season by decorating our tree this past weekend. We always have my parents and sister over to decorate the tree with us. This year Krista wasn't around but I am glad that my parents came over, especially so it could take my moms mind off of Kali, even for a little while.


It is so crazy to think about how we only have so many Christmas seasons with our children when they are little- when they experience that magic that this season brings, when they believe Santa really comes here with presents and eats the cookies we leave out for him, when they believe reindeer fly and Rudolph's nose is red, and when they believe the real Santa comes to our house each year for our Christmas party. It's pretty amazing that when you have children you can relive all of that magic and wonder all over again.

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