Tuesday, December 22, 2015

pieces of christmas around here

Christmas was always a magical time for me growing up. My mom always decorated the house and I remember Christmas Day was always spent at Oma and Opa's old house in Hudson or at my parents' home with them there. One of my favorite Christmas's was when we spent it at my Oma and Opa's house in Claremont, Florida when my Papa was still alive. We didn't really do any gifts that year because a week in Florida was our gift and they all surprised us with swimming with the Dolphins at Sea World on Christmas Day. I honestly can't remember, in all the years growing up, a gift that I got, but I will always remember that week in Florida. It's amazing how we think buying more and more gifts is the way to go but it's actually the memories (like spending a week in Florida with family) that we remember most and that are most cherished. 

I also remember growing up we would always spend Christmas Eve at my grandmothers house in Shrewsbury; a house full of family and kids from my dad's side of the family. I distinctly remember the drive home each year from my grandmothers house. My mom would have 96.1 on in the car with the Christmas music playing through the car speakers, and I would sit in the backseat of my moms car looking out the window up at the sky trying to see if I could find Santa flying with his reindeer.

I try to bring lots of excitement to our home and for our girls around the holidays- a home that's warm and cozy with warm scented candles lit and twinkly lights hung up, a tree full of meaningful ornaments, Christmas activities, parties with friends and family, and having Santa come to our Christmas party each year. So here we are at the week of Christmas and I am so grateful that it is jam packed with fun activities and making memories with our family and friends. 

Some pieces of Christmas around our home and pictures from Stef's pancake dinner party with friends-

 photo 9A8FE257-C3F5-4E38-B6A0-21774ADBD347_zps0oyal92l.jpg  photo A0A6CF57-5EB3-4840-9E92-B4883FB646E4_zps2nouigyl.jpg  photo A510F2F6-4A65-4BEB-9804-FA681941E5F2_zpsg5ba94r8.jpg  photo 524A1345-92E9-4B3D-B662-2E9BE50CAE7B_zps1dcdcwhd.jpg  photo 347A57AA-4EC9-4AEB-93DA-E86A3475FDF1_zpsiraedy6b.jpg  photo B0F165DD-5BCF-41DF-B7C7-072D5D2E2EE5_zpsfvxjtxlh.jpg  photo 487BDC0B-8C47-4A8A-BBCD-B520E5E4E4AE_zps8gfogafe.jpg  photo A3F53CA3-4FE9-49D3-BB1B-1FF7729B0B69_zps81khal6u.jpg  photo IMG_6755_zpsv8ebmqfa.jpg  photo IMG_6759_zpsmlepidli.jpg  photo IMG_6762_zps6laiv5xl.jpg  photo IMG_6770_zps7dlgoqmm.jpg  photo IMG_6773_zpshs0yp33r.jpg  photo IMG_6780_zpspt18ft7p.jpg  photo IMG_6788_zpsxk7kj3mk.jpg  photo IMG_6794_zpszerhrhoc.jpg

For one of the days in the advent calendar we gave them each a new ornament and tried to make it meaningful and something that represents who they are this year- we got Kenna the Eiffel tower and Nicole an Elsa ornament.

 photo IMG_6799_zpsnlpo1v2a.jpg  photo IMG_6802_zpswxe72uf6.jpg  photo IMG_6803_zpsgys5n8p0.jpg  photo IMG_6804_zpsrv2qpigo.jpg

One of our advent activities was to make our own ornaments- I made the Santa, Kennadie made the penguin and Nicole made that mess in the last picture that was a snowman :)

 photo IMG_6806_zpsckd5bfil.jpg  photo IMG_6808_zpsuepglydm.jpg  photo IMG_6811_zpsh2c5apzm.jpg

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