Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

For the past few years we have been doing Christmas Eve with josh's side of the family and I really love it. This year Josh went into work for a half day and then we headed to jess's house around 4pm. She is a ridiculous cook- I am a little jealous:) and always has so much good food- ham, green bean casserole, crab Rangoons, Apple pie. We all hung out and talked and ate and the kids all played and then we ate our Christmas dinner and we all gathered in her living room to open gifts. Autumn was loving on kennadie all night and kept wanting her to hold her- so cute!

Once we got home from jess's it was getting late so we put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, kennadie gave us her ornament gift that she made for us in school, Josh tracked Santa on his phone because kennadie loves that, and we put out the reindeer food in the front walkway. After the girls went to bed Josh and I finished any wrapping, put out the Christmas balloons and silly putty for the when the girls wake up in the morning, put out the gifts under the tree and relaxed in the sunroom and watched elf. Definitely a wonderful night and Christmas eve.

Some photos from our Christmas eve-  photo 0B092E1C-EDB3-4D5D-997B-6FDECC0EA12B_zpsjwouegbr.jpg  photo 829D8FD0-3201-452F-9144-EE8122E4D6F2_zps98nrlp7b.jpg  photo 463B967E-DDFD-47A1-8816-A629C8678207_zpslq3scdg7.jpg  photo C326DAE5-54BE-4780-A724-EE16E29A3600_zpsuwkakj3l.jpg photo 47C3D5C3-4463-475E-A19B-F51619FE2EAF_zpsrvcbczhu.jpg  photo 8FA33898-3EF0-4C4E-99A7-C2A15AC5D687_zpsmxedmbys.jpg  photo BCECB8F9-F6C1-4638-8E30-7800A3115844_zpsewtetde8.jpg  photo C4ACC0E6-FC32-4A7A-86ED-249B3CD1598F_zpshrololu3.jpg  photo 5DF7E0B0-4BB2-4412-9F59-A477E219C62A_zpsghpnufe9.jpg  photo 317B1E2D-3511-4868-8D2D-C0F243F54B2B_zpshuz6rzze.jpg  photo C76931E0-AD76-4610-88F5-C6C12882601C_zpsl46ljso5.jpg  photo 21182C80-52B6-4505-99F1-50D3EE470A5A_zpsv6novhvw.jpg  photo 18B88F58-41F1-401A-B802-18C9DA7D1094_zpsbw36hvbg.jpg  photo 38A0B05C-F86F-4028-99EF-228B88F45FE0_zpsmpiw9pij.jpg  photo 482103DA-0516-4945-A5B3-0292E743D9EE_zpspjszicxf.jpg  photo ECA1014E-D634-4EA4-9F57-3670760D3AD3_zpsdvhqpgks.jpg  photo E2517284-4233-4D26-AD29-A109ACA5E0B7_zpsitxsctyw.jpg  photo 2F731867-A425-4B64-BCF7-C7F0FEFA4CA1_zpsoalj3eqk.jpg  photo 3010FD2E-E15F-4755-B2A5-1DBF7CBAE807_zpsjmdzfr5a.jpg  photo 53F5043F-61DA-4713-8097-49EA3021FEF1_zpsqmf5wu32.jpg

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