Tuesday, December 15, 2015

celebrating the season

Christmas is coming fast this year. We have had Christmas music on in the house since November, have been watching Christmas movies here and there, decorating trees and ornaments, made Christmas cookies and a gingerbread man, and have been doing our advent calendar each day, and the elf most days when we remember :) We took a night to go look at Christmas lights the other week, went for our Santa pictures, celebrated Autumn's 2nd birthday, and had a visit with Braedy and Sean-Ryan the other weekend. I am officially off from school until January so I am hoping to slow down a bit and get a few more fun Christmas things in with the girls before next week. Next week we have our Christmas party and one at Stef's which will all be so much fun.

Some photos of our December so far-

 photo 7FB044E4-2BCB-4109-A421-C03385E1E189_zpsyhqxzfmd.jpg  photo 67C18CE6-9E6A-45D2-92E7-888E2485BBDF_zpsmyc6cpfv.jpg  photo 7FC1BB31-E125-4289-9CCB-30F84F7D3A5D_zpsmpkqu2rh.jpg  photo 996BD0C5-A4FE-495A-899A-98EEF2426FE0_zps1hw0gvvk.jpg  photo 24AF96E2-09F8-4A23-B6AD-6EB2E74280EC_zpswztepafc.jpg  photo 6AE4F787-8455-4893-B512-B82AB5E6DE4B_zpsgf7ocfhj.jpg  photo A04DF7A6-12DB-4328-B115-DB3FCCE591D6_zpsj4wnzxpi.jpg  photo 7BF442D3-1CF4-4759-9BDD-CEFF548384CA_zpsklnanpdg.jpg  photo 721AC7F6-6E52-4462-818D-D227C1F4398A_zpsvxlplz3w.jpg  photo EAF612D0-DDF5-498B-9063-1219DD1C3B7E_zps3tqt7wgx.jpg  photo B121AAEF-6CFE-4815-A2F0-7A4B2BC69E7A_zps2ry9jeqs.jpg  photo C35A1C2F-52DA-4F34-88FB-27786EB86875_zpsg8tt0kt9.jpg  photo C1B8B48F-6355-4694-9CEF-1BB90AF69B62_zpsqxcrqh7n.jpg  photo AF97A7EF-70C0-4496-8548-0CC9E42FC22C_zpswux8tlkc.jpg

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