Thursday, December 24, 2015

A christmas party

Christmas week has been full of friends so far and last night we had our annual Christmas party tradition with our closest friends in our home. It's hard to really put in words how full and thankful I am to have had a house full of our friends again- to know we've been through ups and downs and have all pretty much been on the journey of motherhood together since our kids were very little and to see the bonds our kids share is something I don't take for granted and I'm so grateful for. To see how our kids have been doing this tradition together since they were really little and now many of them growing up a bit and in school full time and some even questioning If This Santa is real. I know we only have so many years of doing this tradition before change comes and I really tried to soak it all in last night. The magic brought in to our home by friendships, conversations, bonds, and Santa is just a beautiful thing.

Everyone came over around 6pm and we had so much food- cheese and crackers, chips and dips, meatballs, pasta, cheesecake, cookies and truffles. Santa came around 7pm and brought a small gift for each kid and we all took turns taking pictures with him, and the rest of the night we all hung around on the couch in the sunroom talking while all the kids played upstairs. Definitely a wonderful night. 

Pictures from our Christmas party-
 photo A19D13F1-AD8F-4D7D-BA99-43C018E4565A_zpsivqnb3v5.jpg  photo 6CB0BB11-1240-4DE9-A86B-E66D5B153490_zpsxjgmisxg.jpg  photo F63BDB49-96D9-40D7-B0D3-86B95A5B01EE_zpsa51ja3os.jpg  photo 0DE44AD3-71E8-4608-84E4-89B53883A39C_zpsmc4sevwc.jpg  photo 013A4B3B-A171-425B-9D81-5B8873565110_zps7senqhao.jpg  photo 8D5B2BD5-AB90-4E31-9C46-626242AF2E27_zpszmvajj6q.jpg  photo B9B541F6-DAE1-44A1-82B1-C5F7F4496A76_zpsrjf7rkly.jpg  photo 8C42505D-6A86-4DBC-8FBD-BD7C11C38937_zps7lid2qyt.jpg  photo 4016F3AA-28F0-420D-872A-02A7F0D74BE6_zpsw54188zd.jpg  photo 62168C14-20DB-4E8E-887A-143F6AC233E0_zpssi2qa5sg.jpg  photo EEC3600A-7CB0-475E-9D42-212A49120E12_zpsculsqp64.jpg  photo D58C5756-5B6F-47C9-BFAA-4914007D9001_zpse8htb7dl.jpg  photo 3269C734-1850-468C-8EF0-50AE7C445758_zpsyzedqlw8.jpg  photo 3136EC44-3EA4-4B1B-ACC4-80F6CC61E181_zpsr0aaob5s.jpg  photo A057E749-E174-47C1-A62B-07D1C4E79671_zpsdf8v7xtt.jpg  photo E139FE94-D611-4C5B-84CF-BEABC1153E5B_zps1koupuwg.jpg  photo 74FD0A03-57BF-498B-88D9-D0F214F5866E_zps8n7ybdfs.jpg  photo EB05FD5A-53E9-4AC5-AFF0-3D04A7722F66_zpsjifxfeei.jpg  photo A4D3D3E9-4F7F-48E7-ABA4-0742140571D9_zpsfiao4jho.jpg  photo 3D6004F0-623A-4B86-87F2-704A8434526F_zpskbrueq8c.jpg  photo 95F5A4CA-A1E5-46AC-9925-3C9C57497CFE_zpsywop6t62.jpg
Christmas party 2015 from andrea balcunas on Vimeo.

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