Sunday, November 29, 2015

thanksgiving and a loss

We woke up Thursday morning happy and excited that it was Thanksgiving. I made a buffalo chicken dip and chocolate chip cookies and we had the parade on in the background. We got coffee early and listened to Christmas music.

One of my favorite memories of Thanksgiving growing up was all of us sitting around my patents' dining room table eating dinner and then talking and hanging out with desserts and coffee and looking through old pictures and the new catalogs to see what new toys we may like for Christmas. After Oma and Opa started to go to Florida for half the year Thanksgiving was really never the same for me.

Over the last few year, since becoming a mom, I have enjoyed Thanksgiving more and more each year, and for some reason I was really excited for it this year. Thursday morning I looked around and stopped for a moment to appreciate everything we have and I distinctly remember looking at Dakota and thinking how thankful I was that we have him. 

I took the girls down to my parents' a little early and a few minutes after we got there I heard my dad say that Kali wasn't breathing right. I ran upstairs and she was Breathing with her mouth open and I pretty much knew it was very serious; it was the same type of breathing we saw with Dallas.  I convinced my mom to take her tufts and I went with her. They said Kali was in heart failure and then not too long after she went into cardiac arrest and had to be put down. 

It was horrible and sad and painful to go through this again, even though she was my mom's cat. To relive what we went through with Dallas and to see Kali at the end of her life and to know my mom's heart was breaking as well as mine was was and to have this all happen within a few hours was all a shock and just so so sad. I stayed with mom through it all and even though I couldn't really look at Kali because my heart hurt too much I knew I had to be there. She was so loved and was my mom's little buddy and once again our hearts broke. 

Needless to say, I didn't get many pictures of our Thanksgiving. We made the best of the rest of the day because we wanted the girls to enjoy their day and Josh's parents had come to my moms for dinner and dessert. Later that evening we met Aile and the girls down at the Christmas lights and to see Santa. And then Saturday we had Thamksgiving dinner and desserts over at Jess's house which was really nice. 

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