Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween 2015

I love that my girls plan out what they are going to be for Halloween months and months in advance. This was the year of Monster High- Kennadie as Rochelle and Nicole chose Frankie. A few days before Halloween we took a trip to the Halloween store and Kennadie decided she wanted to be something scary instead. We had already bought her costume so I didn't want to pay for another one but we added some black lacey gloves and she was cool with that. This was the year Kennadie felt a bit embarrassed going as monster high character (it's crazy how fast they can change and grow over a month or two!), which is probably the reason why she wanted to make her costume a bit scarier. This was the year we began with decorating the house with some scary decor Kennadie picked out. This was the year Nicole proudly told anyone that would listen that she was going to be "Frankie for Halloween" and the year that she refused to say trick or treat and thank you and I banned her from getting more candy until she at least said thank you :) This was the year that after two hours of trick or treating we still hadn't made it to Kennadie's favorite spooky house so I booked it with her at the very end just in time so she could make it there before trick or treating was over. And this was the year we had a big crowd full of family and friends trick or treating with us and where Kennadie didn't need us to go up to the houses with her because she had her cousin and friends and we caught a glimpse of how it will be as she keeps getting older. 

Our neighborhood seemed to have more houses decorated with fake tombstones and spooky music and lights, and to our surprise our neighborhood didn't seem as crowded as it usually seems. Most of the leaves on the trees had turned but hadn't fallen off yet and it was the perfect fall evening. 

Josh's dad and Jess and her family came over around 4pm for a big pizza dinner with the kids and then Amy brought her girls over to trick or treat with all of us after that. It was a very happy Halloween!

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