Sunday, November 8, 2015

My little rays of sunshine

Time is seriously just going by way too fast for me. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my being in school and all the time it takes up but as I was playing catch up tonight after the girls were in bed I was editing some photos and couldn't help but stop to think about how much these two little girls mean to me. Capturing our days and our lives and my girls while they are still so young is so important to me. 

Nicole's this little goof ball and wild child and she has no problem telling anyone how it is. She has given up on naps yet falls asleep randomly when she's over tired in the car or on the couch. The way she loves paw patrol right now and the dinosaur episode plays on repeat-over and over again. How she says "chase on the case...Nicole on the case". How she loves the "nae nae" song and sings "watch me na night". Nicole right now loves turkey and cheese and she actually loves veggies, if they are raw, especially carrots and broccoli with dressing. She has that same love for "guys" and pretend play that Kennadie had. She's a happy, caring, stubborn and strong and sweet little almost three year old girl. 

And Kennadie loves school and her teacher and her best friend is Raine. She loves climbing trees or climbing anything really and loves rock climbing and Art and music and minecraft. She's talented at drawing and creating her own stories. She has a beautiful imagination. She's smart, an amazing friend, sensitive, and passionate and she knows what she wants. She loves anything cheetah and learning about animals and bugs. Kennadie knows every taylor swift song and loves reading and listening to the jack and Annie treehouse chapter books. She's the most gentle person I know and literally wouldn't kill a bug- she'd rather let it go outside. She loves to please others and is so easy to get along with. She loves bagels with cream cheese and macaroni and cheese and hot dogs and any type of junk food and hates vegetables and pretty much anything healthy. My girl can talk and I love hearing her stories and about her days at school. 

Every morning I strive to be the best mom I can to these two little girls and at the end of some days I beat myself up wishing I had done more, played more, said more, slowed down more. Some days it's hard with the house and activities and school and everything else that makes up this beautiful life, and I know I may not give myself enough credit a lot of the time but I think that only pushes me harder. My girls are loved fiercely and I give it my all and that's what matters. They are my everything. My little rays of sunshine. 

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