Sunday, November 8, 2015

Catch up October pics phone

This post has a mix of pictures from October because I'm still catching up. Theme of my life :) 

We celebrated Mackenzies 1st birthday at Stowe Farm and we had a great time and it was so much fun for the kids- mechanical bull rides, jumpy houses, horse rides, animals, and a little playground. We celebrated Warrens 2nd birthday at Erin and Bens and it was just a really relaxed party, which I always love-adults sitting around curled up on the couch chatting and the kids all playing together. Also mixed in these pictures are a morning at the playground with Nicole after dropping Kennadie off at school, Kennadie's school fall festival wth Raine and Sevin, Alex's birthday dinner at Friendly's, Katelynn's birthday part at the playground, and celebrating Opa's birthday at my parents' house with family. Whew! That's a lot of birthdays for one month :)

 photo 3B2E9386-51C4-4774-97ED-6EF6651FAB89_zpsg17ce1gi.jpg  photo 85CD0666-6D38-42CF-8979-B137C783E534_zps8jxdauzw.jpg  photo E6B66D50-163B-4C1A-875C-435C188B121C_zpsnqkhzegi.jpg  photo BEC3D7F3-E90E-4335-B9D6-7A91421D15A3_zpsefavgr5u.jpg  photo F31754EE-265D-41EA-840B-5F096E15DC74_zpsx7lmzmc2.jpg  photo 97E3DD0C-E0D5-403F-9CB0-50D22485D51B_zpso4fgirei.jpg  photo FF6C22F1-F8C8-417F-8DA9-480AA0B64523_zpsyqtrdgpe.jpg  photo 863DA31F-6727-4539-93B9-3B2595441917_zpsjycurip3.jpg  photo C4985E47-E336-4B35-AE9A-660DEACF2CFC_zpswhhoqfjc.jpg  photo A0E58FC5-BE37-4270-8166-1B5504EF0DAF_zpsd5xz3szq.jpg  photo 1FAC4D86-F9EA-4FAC-A27F-36AC6D1112BA_zps77o5soeb.jpg  photo AC2FD265-1F12-4726-8EBB-F2CF0DDE850F_zpsotctdxr4.jpg  photo FBF8B6B1-2EE5-4AF3-970C-46AD76C141D9_zpsvzaetbe7.jpg

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