Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween week

Driving to our library for the trick or treat parade with Nicole in the back seat all dressed up as Frankie from Monster High I started to think how crazy it was that it felt like yesterday I was doing this same thing with Kennadie. When we only had one little girl and had no idea how our story was going to unfold in the years to come. It was really a bittersweet moment- thinking about how fast time is going by, how It was just me and Kennadie for the longest time, how Kennadie is in school now, how Nicole was placed with us and how so very meant to be she was, how it's me and Nicole a few days a week now, and how all four of us in our little family fit together so perfectly. 

The week leading up to Halloween was busy with lots of fun activities for the kids. I met Erin and Ben and Warren over at the library with Nicole for the trick or treat parade and story time. And one day after school we met with Erin and Stef and took the kids for a hayride at a farm, a story walk and a little craft and snack. Josh and I and Amy took the kids one night down to one of the houses that go all out- a ton of spooky decorations and a few people dressed up to give a little scare to those that walk through. Kennadie was ALL about the spooky stuff this year and she loved it! I almost think she's ready for a spooky world type place :) and then the night before Halloween I took the girls down to the Halloween outlet to pick out some decorations for the house. 

Some photos from my phone of the week of Halloween-

 photo AD1E7511-83BE-44A7-BBA0-E95AF4B6DDF0_zpsktsvwiqb.jpg  photo 700E2E0D-4356-45C6-9E7B-8407C832CC19_zpsgjqd2c4d.jpg  photo E2B1139A-662B-4139-80DC-C705FD632EC7_zpsajzmv1av.jpg  photo 45063CB2-A8C7-4092-ACEB-4D2FA2F3B6F8_zpsqy6j4h4y.jpg  photo B205C224-2D80-4E2C-BD37-340D2C6088E1_zpsqe3abc2k.jpg  photo A7502DEF-D134-4AA7-BD48-9AA17958B5B9_zpsfpjecfzn.jpg  photo 2A82FA5B-1E6A-4290-A8DD-8220CB5F074C_zpskuokasmc.jpg  photo CA5C4040-3255-4FE8-AFB9-D3DB822A55B9_zpsyk3zwpc6.jpg  photo BF46A87B-3CA2-41C3-B2AE-F85B0707FFCA_zpsik1lsji6.jpg  photo 48DAF7AA-75E8-4B57-A61C-959FE462F24B_zpsomc5a15z.jpg  photo A5A58FA4-6FF2-4689-8C0B-19ADF3CAEFCC_zpsi7ywhs9n.jpg  photo 3E8B7EFC-BEF9-4D5C-A693-1515C72F5938_zpsmicvrr8l.jpg  photo CED626CD-8270-488C-8891-80A1B0E160E8_zpsyj1c1v5m.jpg

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