Tuesday, October 20, 2015

pumpkin picking

It feels really good to be taking out my real camera again. I feel at a stand still though, like I want to get better and learn more and find a mentor who can help take me to that next level. I want to learn what I am doing right and wrong and I want to understand more why I'm doing this or that and I want to learn my mistakes in editing. 

We headed over to the pumpkin patch last weekend, and although the selection was becoming more limited there were some good sized pumpkins to choose from. We had a great time and I also had the chance to take some pictures while we were there. Once we got home Josh carved out the big pumpkin and the girls decorated their small pumpkins that they chose.  photo IMG_6396_zpshfuo4wnh.jpg  photo IMG_6401_zpsnmh5ydfr.jpg  photo IMG_6402_zpszwf6vxu4.jpg  photo IMG_6404_zps9tqxnbpw.jpg  photo IMG_6406_zpshzsxdftx.jpg  photo IMG_6407_zps81do7toc.jpg  photo IMG_6408_zpshie2fp1y.jpg  photo IMG_6409_zpsblvv9nw3.jpg  photo IMG_6413_zpsrldavurx.jpg  photo IMG_6420_zpsikkvhxlq.jpg  photo IMG_6424_zpsnfinsdsr.jpg  photo IMG_6438_zpsoxredvbl.jpg  photo IMG_6439_zpswwkdurzg.jpg  photo IMG_6447_zpscqlvto3k.jpg  photo IMG_6456_zpsy0ptmzh7.jpg  photo IMG_6458_zpsjqov9oo4.jpg  photo IMG_6461_zpseleld7bz.jpg  photo IMG_6466_zps5exnvdqe.jpg  photo IMG_6435_zpsunqlmkue.jpg

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