Wednesday, October 21, 2015 far

Last week I took a few pictures for Erin and her family, and Ben took a few of us four. We spent the late morning down at Moore State Park and we all had a blast. A few things: 1. After downloading the pictures I was really, really disappointed in how they turned out. 2. I KNOW that photography is all about the light, I know this, so whatever possessed me to do pictures for someone else at 11am in bright, harsh sunlight and without a reflector is beyond me. I didn't check my background for the harsh lighting so I have blown out backgrounds and a few with harsh shadows on faces. I'm still so pissed at myself. I really want to redo the pictures on a cloudy day or in the early evening with the pretty light. We live and learn, right?

We are off to Kennadie's soccer game in a bit and then out to Katelynn's birthday party and then over to my moms for dinner and cake to celebrate Opa's birthday so I will leave with a few photos from around the house lately and a few photos of the four of us and the girls from the other weekend at Moore State Park.  photo IMG_5793_zpsvwzorlve.jpg photo IMG_6386_zpsni08alfr.jpg  photo IMG_5852_zpsay0vz3c8.jpg  photo IMG_5856_zpsmgxz2glk.jpg  photo IMG_5866_zpsmhbbn7eb.jpg  photo IMG_5941_zpsy4p6bu6i.jpg  photo IMG_6130_zps5ynzyovm.jpg  photo IMG_6171_zpswyyxbmtj.jpg  photo IMG_6174_zpsv9uwsjk2.jpg  photo IMG_6319_zpszuglpgfm.jpg  photo IMG_6321_zps176w9cul.jpg  photo IMG_6360_zpsmkqmwqnl.jpg  photo IMG_6350_zps6xivjhzb.jpg

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