Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Reading- about a week ago I finished The Art of Work by Jeff goins. This books is about being on the journey of discovering what you are meant to do and I really liked it. Right now I am about half-way through Mitten strings for god by Katrina Kenison and I'm loving this book and all the great advice and stories in here. I am flying through it as its a really easy read and I'm highlighting so much in this book. It's really all about parenthood and looking at it in a different way and is such a great reminder to slow down and be completely present. 

Doing- simplifying and working on the house. Both the girls' bedrooms are done (except changing out door handles and replacing the carpet to hopefully hardwood floors/or cleaning the rugs, and getting a ceiling fan in Kennadie's room). Our TV room is painted and rearranged and simplified. Our what used to be playroom is just about done so we can make it a dining room. I just need our table. I think next I will dive into our bedroom and I am excited to keep going and finally finish the entire house! 

Watching- We recently watched the movie Short term 12 and it was really good. I am also loving Jim Gaffigan stand up that we found on Netflix or vudu. We watched all of them and he is just so frickin hilarious. We are loving The Voice, as always, and The Walking Dead this season so far is so good and I am loving that they have mixed it up a bit. 

Working on- The technical side of photography. Learning the why's and how's and making an extra effort to seek out that light and getting my exposure correct. I shot in raw for the first time this morning on a walk and I am interested to see if it makes a real difference. 

Loving- watching Nicole comfort Kennadie when she cries, that the holiday season is creeping up fast, little changes that I'm doing to the house, and the fact that I'm learning so much about myself when we were dealing with some behavioral issues with Nicole. I truly believe and have seen how my attitude and reactions affect her behavior. I hopefully finally have got it right and things have been great with her lately which all of it together makes our relationship so much better and loving and close :)

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