Thursday, September 10, 2015

Four things

I've had so many topics swirling around in my head over the past few weeks, and instead of taking the time to sit down and write I've had school work to do, appointments to make, laundry to put away, activities with the girls, bills to pay, and lunches to make. Josh is watching the first Patriots game, the girls are sleeping, and I just finished a math test so instead of getting too far behind I will just throw everything in one post because I need to declutter my brain :)

Our social worker emailed me the other day to ask if we are ready to foster adopt again, and although we aren't in any huge rush and believe when it's supposed to happen it will, we are ready for sure. I haven't heard anything back yet but I'm definitely getting that feeling of being really ready again and can picture life with three kids and it's all crazy and scary and exciting to think about. One thing I am really trying to figure out is what age range we believe is a good match for our family and what age range we would be a good match for. I love the toddler stage but I also have always thought about adopting an older child. We are open to any age and I believe we will know when the right time comes. I think part of my problem is that I over-think it all too much. Maybe I'm not supposed to have it all figured out and we are supposed to just go with what feels right for our family and I need to trust that. 

We are in week two of the girls (and myself) being in school. So far Kennadie is really loving first grade and Nicole is loving her little daycare/preschool and they are both doing really well. Nicole has been fighting nap time lately, even though she really does still need it because when she doesn't her attitude and tantrums are horrible so I am really glad that I have those two full days to concentrate on my school while the girls are both in their school. It's working really well so far because I definitely do better in the morning and afternoon and it's hard for me to do any school work at night because my brain is usually pretty fried when nighttime rolls around. I graduate in May and it's still pretty crazy to think about and it's surreal how I can finally see the finish line. I definitely regret not finishing my degree when I was in my early twenties -because it's so much harder now with kids- but I am a big believer in everything happening for a reason and I really had no clue back then when it was that I wanted to do for a career and now I have a much clearer picture and still think I would love to work with foster children and or have a career doing something with adoptions. I still have a 4.0 gpa and I'm still on the deans list which is a huge accomplishment for me because back when I was younger I really would have never thought I would ever do so well in school. 

Labor Day weekend- I took the girls to a little fair while Josh was at his fantasy football thing, Josh and I took the girls to Davis Farmland one day, we spent some time with family, we headed down to the center in our town where there was music, food, a bouncy house, and a train ride for the kids, and the girls had a "sleepover" in Nicole's room together. We also switched Nicole's bed from the crib to the toddler bed because when she would get pissed when it was time to go to bed she started climbing out of the crib so we thought it was time. She has always been a really good sleeper but lately she's been getting out of bed, fighting us at nap and bed time, and getting up early. I'm hoping it's just because of all these changes that have been going on- she is completely potty trained during the day now, she started a new early intervention group, she just started the daycare/preschool twice a week, Kennadie is gone at school all day after having her home all summer, all of us are getting into a new routine again after a laid back summer, and we just changed her crib to the bed. As little as these things may seem to an adult, they are huge changes for a two year old, especially all at once. 

And yesterday I went to Jen and had her cut my hair and it feels so much better. I thought I was going to regret it but I don't at all. I love the cut and it always feels so good when my hair is long and then I cut it- like a huge weight is lifted or something. It always feels so good to let it go!

Ahh, that felt good to get all of this out! Now a ton of pictures from my iPhone from Labor Day weekend and this past week. 

 photo C9AB7135-5841-470E-88D6-C84F51E55D75_zpsazs2n7pm.jpg  photo 01C2609F-4FE1-4D73-A2D6-5FBCF5FFCB10_zpshp6a137e.jpg  photo 31D9DDAA-0D73-4378-8BA3-630B467B5D2B_zpsnimievdn.jpg  photo 05B7E38A-08CB-49FB-880C-D5F396B8CE1A_zpsqhcmlwu1.jpg  photo 52E8544F-88F2-4073-A1C4-4459E6BB53A9_zpsofqnm4qo.jpg  photo 09B1ADE0-07B6-474B-BD36-04F8F564AC2A_zpskk24jwvq.jpg  photo EDEDD9D1-981E-4137-B329-BCCDA2D135BD_zps6b79g1n7.jpg  photo 734301E5-A80C-4010-81D3-45CCC2A20BCF_zpsp0epmgnx.jpg  photo 38CD29C4-001F-429C-B74C-CEF1A73D3701_zpsll8jbmaa.jpg  photo FEF46536-25E9-490C-87A1-15369D477C4B_zpsikssxxg0.jpg  photo 7E3399B7-2E9F-4900-B41A-883C555D20A3_zps9wbyfu73.jpg  photo BCD6404F-1CDB-4FBB-87BC-2514BB45456A_zpsx8q9vlgd.jpg  photo 462815D9-1E01-4678-AFF7-72CA274378A5_zpsuxdsfhyw.jpg  photo 8503B39E-0BCF-4434-A91D-E3B5AECDA2BA_zpsy5uj5rht.jpg  photo 25F7475A-4895-4D49-9805-3210B647EA95_zpsthqblbwx.jpg  photo 51DCA050-97CE-4104-9C23-2E7446ABE4DC_zpsoseae4rd.jpg  photo F1DA27EC-39C5-4AEB-8DCA-42CAFD9B1501_zpstpnwxfff.jpg  photo DCB94568-0D9D-43AF-8FB0-8137EEBB759B_zpszbnzpiaj.jpg  photo F8C0F0F4-4F1D-48CD-8D7F-E87DEFB17DF9_zpsop9uih6c.jpg  photo 5A2DF87E-740D-4C26-8B44-C2B2B4064797_zps5enr6nkv.jpg  photo C4318A69-6DB8-4882-97E6-D2BD61E5AF22_zpsqmwzx1vp.jpg  photo A9D4E092-B098-403F-9D87-A18290515FAF_zpshhjce1zn.jpg

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