Tuesday, September 1, 2015

back to school

Summer's just about over and school has started again. It's all equally exciting watching the girls grow and sad that the time goes by so fast. We have had a wonderful summer and although it's a little sad to see it coming to an end I'm looking forward to new routines and fall. Today, Kennadie started her first day of first grade and Nicole started her first day of daycare/preschool where she will be going two full days a week. The girls were both excited about starting school and Kennadie's best friend is in her class again so I'm sure that helps. And I think Nicole is really going to love going to this daycare/preschool and it will be so good for her. Happy first day of school girls, we love you!

 photo 7E6C7F34-64D3-417D-B4E9-E2224D9C01F6_zpsdxvox34h.jpg  photo 3398580B-2D94-4181-8200-6FFC1F9E2579_zpsu9n21pnw.jpg  photo 1322EF25-A5DE-4C07-85B7-7F6778A1A684_zpsnhumnvrv.jpg  photo D07E8DCC-CD95-423B-86A7-288B486F7280_zpsidyppw2a.jpg  photo AFAC56C2-B26B-4AF5-9601-14AAC7C125EF_zpscg4lmwe4.jpg