Tuesday, August 18, 2015

three things

We had plans with friends over the weekend to go camping but when we arrived at the campground we were incredibly disappointed. A few of us were going to stay in cabins and the rest of our friends were going to camp in their tents. Now, we have been camping many times and have stayed in trailer rentals and cabins before and we have always had really good experiences with the rental units, but when we arrived at the campground this weekend the entire place was nothing like we expected. There wasn't a bathroom in the unit (which we thought there would be) and that can be a little tough with small kids. The mattresses were disgusting and dirty and the small fridge still had crumbs in it from whoever was there last- nothing had been cleaned before we got there. It really was gross. The "pond" that we thought the kids could swim in was deserted and green and looked unsafe to swim in. They sent a guy down with a dirty old rag and some windex to clean out the cabin after we let them know the condition of it- which is really no way to clean and sanitize for guests. The guy argued with me that he had cleaned the cabins and he gave me attitude and rolled his eyes many times at me, and I won't even go into how dirty the bathrooms were that we were supposed to use. All of it together put us over the edge and we got our money back and left. Complete disappointment and really all we can do is laugh about the entire experience. We ended up just going back to Erin and Ben's where the kids all went swimming in their clean lake and we grilled and ate dinner and had a fire and s'mores and hung out with everyone. Kennadie ended up sleeping over there (which was her first sleepover at a friends house) and she did great and the kids had so much fun. I definitely wouldn't just let my kids sleepover anywhere so I am thankful that we do have friends who I am completely comfortable with and wouldn't even think twice about letting my kids stay there. Nicole, Josh, and I met up with Erin, Ben, Kennadie, Jadyn, Genny, and Warren for breakfast the next morning at Eller's restaurant and the breakfast buffet was delicious.  

Next week is our last week of summer before school starts back up and my mom took a half day yesterday from work and we took the girls back to school shopping and out to lunch (they chose Friendly's of course). Josh is taking the week off of work next week and we plan on taking a day trip with the girls here and there and just relaxing and hanging out and getting stuff done around the house. This summer has really been a good one filled with beach days, a couple trips, and time with friends and family. Kennadie lost two teeth, is almost riding her new bike on her own, became completely comfortable swimming own her own, learned to tie, and had her first sleepover at her friends house. And as of about two weeks ago Nicole is fully potty trained during the day and she became comfortable and loves swimming on her own with floaties.

We recently had a visit with Nicole's bio parents and she got to meet an older brother for the first time. We really like her bio parents and are so happy and thankful they are in her life and her brother seemed so nice and sweet. We really are so, so thankful that we have such a great open adoption and our only hope is that the relationships grow stronger and stronger as time goes on.

Some photos from my iphone of the past week or so-

 photo 0258107E-537B-4340-A272-074071A7377F_zpstlusuzg2.jpg  photo 3E687F74-268D-4FA4-A557-DB88B3B8395A_zpsaoo2mkqy.jpg  photo 6F086ABD-8213-4C2F-83DF-31242E50475A_zpsc2vmjfo5.jpg  photo CDE41C33-A027-41D4-90AF-1B3312321FF0_zpslwpoahzj.jpg  photo 81770754-8BE3-4949-BAA7-12ED8F146FB2_zps2ujg1yux.jpg  photo 59C51901-A25B-4A20-B13D-D0602F6F2C5D_zpsfznmqndi.jpg  photo 19D4AD8A-7190-4389-81CC-56F2FFDB26EA_zpsusqwvuao.jpg  photo EECAFE63-3F96-4424-A2FB-CFB7932FD473_zpsmxavncf6.jpg  photo 2F4FB6AF-D2AB-42B5-8C18-6EA2129E2E53_zpsgr8obast.jpg  photo 49232239-4E64-41B7-BB68-08F807D59778_zpsrpbu2jye.jpg  photo 4ACDF316-371A-45D4-BB28-D3A3B5EC0304_zpsmovt2ner.jpg  photo 981AD2C2-6D8B-4E8E-AD9B-83E9F47F9D97_zpstlvsguxd.jpg  photo 48CFFF8A-921D-469F-AE80-56F416EE4FCA_zpslddz6irf.jpg  photo 9E9B2622-7B27-4E30-9FD5-1A3F96B2420F_zpskjwjn0zs.jpg  photo C5E4D2C3-857D-4F19-AE4A-E1DC838BE474_zps2uwpcarw.jpg  photo 70B139A2-9548-494F-982F-0D5FBBFF4506_zpswexkh2tt.jpg  photo 9987F0CA-F1E1-4FA5-9858-F6FC80885250_zpslctvmqie.jpg  photo 1192A0AC-8C16-4346-AB9D-4389AE591894_zpsefd90rgb.jpg  photo 991AB5F3-6F21-4054-ADCD-CEA13908EC43_zpsaf7nbpzp.jpg  photo 7C70F0ED-6ACC-4949-A120-7940FC89C2FA_zpso9y658rr.jpg  photo 7373A2BF-0E58-4DD7-8EED-B1F4D5436F75_zpsje23lg0o.jpg

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