Monday, August 3, 2015

snapshots from our weekend

Friday night, after we returned from Toys R Us to get Kennadie a new bike, the girls and I curled up on the couch for movie night with ice cream from Ronnies, and a "camp out" in the sun room.

 photo 88640E3C-E90E-404F-BB5A-92BFB469C74D_zpsnbu6slbu.jpg

Our weekend was mixed with playing outside at home, having Josh's family over, and swimming and cooking out down at my parents' house.

 photo B9ACA4E0-6BC1-4AB7-B3D1-52E3B2B797CC_zpsxispxpwh.jpg

Nicole gets Kennadie's old bike since she has now outgrown it and Kennadie loves her new Monster High bike, especially since it comes with a speaker and she can play her favorite music through bluetooth while riding.

  photo 71247475-A345-442F-AF16-15D041986AA1_zps7qvzvzck.jpg  photo CF425D91-586C-4CA3-A8AB-5A9D8441714E_zpsq4l3bzfv.jpg  photo 2EE773C6-F708-4FAD-963E-67A0887D74C9_zps7gzx01py.jpg

The girls enjoyed the wubble bubble all of the five times they actually got to play with it because it popped the other night...such a waste of money!

 photo 4901E72D-B1D4-4008-A312-D8664EBB0507_zps2xwlzrjo.jpg

We ended our weekend with swimming and relaxing and cooking on the grill.

 photo 692BB64A-7F58-417A-86E2-179F6B46A5BC_zpsbfjpm7sm.jpg  photo 8E50A5C5-B802-4665-ABF0-191555EB67FC_zpsps8pday0.jpg  photo 218DAE71-4270-4193-9496-CB338144AFE8_zpst5lljzgy.jpg  photo 72B1B6D8-C70D-4DAF-8028-F88675110F0B_zpsrtbiumqr.jpg  photo 23D9585C-3ABE-4A30-B8AF-F99A1481C246_zpsgkabbfoo.jpg  photo 2DF70954-3B5A-4F22-B8EB-AC7B33A64968_zpsrnt1j6xx.jpg  photo AE1DACAD-7442-4248-AAEB-B28D5CA58B04_zps41ca9n7h.jpg

Happy Monday!

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