Monday, August 31, 2015

kids were here august 2015

This has been a favorite in our house for a few years now and it's so Kennadie because of her love of writing stories-

 photo IMG_5371_zps3101gsjr.jpg

Shells that we collected from Maine and the Cape and Ocean Beach from over the summer-

 photo IMG_5373_zpstm8eogqy.jpg

Bath tub toys-

 photo IMG_5374_zpsuhpfzevp.jpg

Library books-

 photo IMG_5380_zpsepau9mhr.jpg

Nicole's pool toys-

 photo IMG_5408_zpsc75khxsa.jpg

One morning when I went in to get Nicole up she was playing quietly in her bed and had all of these toys lined up next to her on the pillow-

 photo IMG_5458_zpshumcjunq.jpg

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