Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Reading- I cleaned up my nook and got rid of anything that I really didn't have any interest in anymore and decided to start reading one of the many samples I have on there. I just started Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan and so far I'm enjoying it and I really love her writing style.

Listening to- On our way home from the beach the other week I heard Miguel's song Adorn on Sirius for the first time and loved it. Now I can't get enough of his music. It's R&B and sexy and I love everything about it right now. So, so good. 

Eating- This is always something I'm working to improve on. It's not that we eat unhealthy, but I'll be the first to admit I kind of don't have much self-control when it comes to junk food, especially anything sweet. If it's in my house I'm going to eat it and I always feel like absolute crap after I do. It's an ongoing battle I have with myself and I'm forever working on it :) 

Thinking about- There is all of a sudden a million things I'm thinking about and all at once, of course. Putting an addition on this house or starting the house hunting process for something a little bigger has been on my mind lately. We absolutely love the town we live in and the school system and we would stay in this town no matter what. We like our neighborhood (although we do feel it could be more friendly). And we have said from day one that this house definitely has a great energy to it. We do need more room for storage as most of our stuff is crammed in the garage. We would like a finished basement, one more bedroom, and a bigger family room. We could possibly add on here but we believe in order to update and add on it may actually cost us more than buying a new house. I'm also thinking a lot about adopting again. This can get confusing because I am not necessarily sure a good fit for our family is super young again but I am not sure if I am completely ready to be done with the toddler stage quite yet either. But are we at that point in our lives anymore? Not 100% sure. Would I be happy no matter what and no matter who is meant to be with us? Most definitely. We have always said we would love to adopt older children, but we definitely would like to have another bedroom so the kids can all have their own space. The thinking about this has become much more serious again which shows me that we are definitely ready to do this again. I know I can see more children in our family for sure- no doubt in my mind about that at all. School is another thing on my mind. I will be done with my Bachelor degree in May! But deciding whether or not to go on for my Masters is what I am trying to figure out. Will it be worth it? Will I make more if I do or will I just have way too much student loan debt and regret it? It's another big decision I need to make. And the last major thing on my mind lately is what I want to do for a career. I am still thinking about working with adoptions and or Foster care, maybe doing social work. I am playing with the idea of working now or wondering if I should wait until I finish school. Should I try to do something part time or work full time with full time school? Of course it's all these major decisions and big life events that would get thrown at me all at once :)

Enjoying- this time right now with my little family of four. Our weekends together. Quiet mornings with an iced coffee sitting outside. Watching my girls' relationship grow. This summer season. And as much as there are definitely some big life stuff that I am thinking about it's all really exciting too, and instead of letting it overwhelm me I really want to do my best to stay focused and positive and enjoy this ride. 

Loving- As much as I want it to always be summer, in some ways I am loving that fall is not too far away. Toward the end of every season I usually am pretty much over it and I am loving the thought of apple and pumpkin picking, open windows and cool, crisp days, and new fall clothes and back to school shopping.

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