Saturday, August 8, 2015

the memories will last forever

We spent a day at the ocean with some friends last week and as I looked back through the pictures I began to think about how our summer and these beach days are slowly coming to a close. I've been procrastinating school shopping but know that it must be done within the next few weeks. I've also been thinking a lot about working and possibly trying to work a little during the school days and have Nicole start a preschool in the fall- I really think she would love it. But I can't imagine not having these summer days with my kids in the future, especially while they are still young. My family and kids come first to me no matter what.

As much as the tasks of everyday life can be mundane- laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, potty training, tantrums, cooking- this really is such a beautiful time in our lives. I not only know but I remind myself each and every day that these are the days I will miss more than anything- little girls just learning to swim and ride bikes, the cuddles and bath time, days spent at the beach and playgrounds, them being my world and me being theirs. 

Today we were supposed to go out later for a visit with Nicole's brother but the weather had different plans so we had to reschedule. As much as I really hate rainy days today is a good one. Josh is home and we spent so much time playing with the girls and we made energy balls and cleared out the garage as the girls played in the rain, and as soon as Nicole gets up from her nap we will all cuddle and watch a movie on the couch. As I look through our photos from last week and think about what's ahead it's all so bittersweet and it's crazy to think about how we will never be here in these moments with these little girls at ages two and six again and I'm definitely cherishing this time and the last few weeks of this summer with them. 

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