Tuesday, July 14, 2015

loungin' by the pool

It has been a little over a year since Nicole was placed with us and we haven't thought too much about fostering to adopt again. I mean, we want to for sure but it hasn't been something that we have been rushing at all right now. Before Nicole was placed with us there definitely felt like something was missing and there was something deep inside of me that couldn't let that go. Once she was here, our family felt much more complete. It felt so incredibly right. It was as if she was the missing piece.

We have talked about adopting again and I have always wanted a big family and I would love nothing more than to add on to our family again. We were contacted today by our social worker about a little girl, and although she may need more than we can give her right now, being contacted about a possible placement really got me thinking. I was excited when I received the email and I was disappointed that it most likely would not work out. That feeling I had was what I needed to confirm that we really are ready and showed me how much I really do want to add on to our family again.

When the time is right and the child that is supposed to be a part of our family and when we are the right family for that child then I have no doubt it will all happen when it is supposed to and I am excited to see what the future holds.


This weekend we enjoyed lots of family time. We went to Mason's 4th birthday party and spent the rest of the weekend hanging out by the pool at my parents' house.

 photo IMG_4882_zpsqo2ypxsx.jpg  photo IMG_4885_zps5qfmhqle.jpg  photo IMG_4889_zpsteggugwf.jpg  photo IMG_4892_zpswhhzurlc.jpg  photo IMG_4896_zpskkqhs7zj.jpg

Ever since last Monday at swim class, when I showed Nicole that she could swim by herself with the floaties on, she has been a rock-star in the pool and tells everyone, "Nicole swim all by myself, I do it". I love how happy she is about it.

  photo IMG_4901_zpssglqt0zn.jpg photo IMG_4905_zpsvys1u5r7.jpg  photo IMG_4911_zps5dl0ascc.jpg  photo IMG_4917_zpsm17ikyk9.jpg  photo IMG_4921_zpswb182cmp.jpg  photo IMG_4926_zps5dqek5rd.jpg

And this one can't get enough of swimming underwater.

  photo IMG_4930_zpsg59b36ge.jpg  photo IMG_4933_zpsckiv55ef.jpg  photo IMG_4938_zpsskxy5agf.jpg  photo IMG_4941_zpsn6htpdmx.jpg  photo IMG_4943_zpszwgbzjgz.jpg  photo IMG_4945_zpsqxuzncax.jpg  photo IMG_4953_zpsmauggdrg.jpg  photo IMG_4958_zpsdkvcvljg.jpg  photo IMG_4962_zpsmhe9bgcq.jpg  photo IMG_4967_zpskn69db6x.jpg  photo IMG_4969_zpscumfwgfe.jpg  photo 89B4FE07-9F03-4084-9AA3-D0B1D0B293F2_zps3auzxwuz.jpg  photo AC4399D4-CE29-4C96-BBAE-404312F56D2C_zpsg9owuyrp.jpg  photo F5367DC0-CE7E-4051-B394-EDAB0E7F192C_zpspujrfeda.jpg

She loves to copy her big sissie.

  photo 7203E47F-BFEB-462A-B3B5-66A808C4C3BF_zpsdsixgy6u.jpg  photo 2AAF86ED-9D5F-4B64-91A2-6D4942FD25F6_zpsyjy6dzcq.jpg  photo 058663CF-6489-4E04-982E-AB14457B7631_zpsocu7qsin.jpg
  photo IMG_4935_zpspb9dppp6.jpg

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