Friday, July 3, 2015

enjoying the sun

I always like to be doing something, going somewhere, trying something new. Josh likes to do different things and go different places, but he is also somewhat more of a homebody than I am so I was a little surprised when he mentioned taking Thursday and going to the ocean because we just got back from Maine. I am happiest at the ocean so of course I was up for it. We went to one of our favorite beaches around here and, for the next four hours we enjoyed nothing but water, sun, sand, and each others' company.

 photo 7AB803E9-A0C0-4AC6-96CF-7A16E6B67A11_zpsnfghdwlp.jpg  photo 303E8A9E-24DD-4F93-A875-284E71D58E5E_zpsxk7rzlps.jpg  photo 48E4CB5A-044E-4B85-8DB1-DC0153289B9D_zpsq8sdg1al.jpg

We arrived early so we got to enjoy the spray park and playground and a hidden beach area that is blanketed with pure white sand pretty much all to ourselves.

  photo BCE06A7F-F1E6-41A3-A18A-0264D0D0C610_zpsikhgsnyv.jpg  photo 464673AF-DE8C-4D58-8706-EDB3CCCD1730_zpsyplbchrq.jpg  photo CBE71E36-E55E-4C8C-A163-FF3BF46E9F16_zpsmw2wpxjq.jpg   photo 806DBDE5-0406-4748-9BC4-13EBB73E9A3E_zpssmyqgnmh.jpg

Josh and the girls caught crabs and carefully released them back into the water. 

  photo 0E93388D-BF58-4D80-8B54-3E9ABCF7A218_zps5dokzdai.jpg  photo A8BF9B91-A717-4793-95B1-50D0D742B09E_zpshcpxxh7o.jpg

And we watched this stingray slowly glide by us in the clear water.

  photo 737DF651-4A7B-4C83-B93E-CFE24C166DEC_zpsbzrg8ebx.jpg  photo 74FCD010-AE75-4299-9814-AD39E583E187_zpstbf1yn8m.jpg

There is something so beautiful about flowers in the sand.

  photo 1FBB6F7F-CFD8-4339-8FE7-C0626C9E353C_zpsu1guymzp.jpg

Kennadie loves the ocean water and the waves while Nicole is hesitant to go near the water if there are any waves, and she will whine for me to hold her up and run away back to where she feels safe on the sand. Both will dig in the sand and collect seashells and explore their surroundings. And I am happy being here, getting in the sand and playing with them or just watching them knowing that we are filling up their childhood with good memories and stories.

  photo 11D92DC6-DF1F-402E-A7C0-9957925CA405_zps2k1zmksd.jpg  photo 52BF46B9-E49C-405B-A242-97BA5402FD0F_zps8w9v26o4.jpg  photo 3CECD0C0-13F1-491D-A37E-67F4F283CBE1_zpsgznbec3q.jpg  photo 38160C5E-4606-4992-B142-7054F9BF24B7_zpshndv0fsw.jpg  photo EA6053C1-1B10-45BA-B2DA-F814837DA693_zpsjiafhcy4.jpg  photo 18F1EE9F-48AC-4854-8EC7-82543B60BFE2_zpsqrxjh7km.jpg  photo 49E6557C-331A-4572-A2F4-833EB7ACE3CD_zpsi73sl0j9.jpg  photo 2604F58E-C0E6-478D-9B2A-13A1C4308FC9_zpsj937txyr.jpg  photo D129BB83-ADDA-40D9-B650-6FB5F87C3F5B_zpsyllvomvp.jpg  photo FECDD256-B651-430A-B850-DCFD7C9C9259_zpsqqom6ett.jpg  photo B0A798DE-0254-4775-AD0E-C2133CE2511A_zpszbekuoqg.jpg

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