Wednesday, July 15, 2015

a little bit of color

Nicole loves drawing on herself and any time she sees a pen or crayon or marker or paint brush it is guaranteed that some part of her body will be covered with color.

 photo IMG_5003 - Copy_zpscywtnehe.jpg

So we decided to take it outside and let them both go at it.

  photo IMG_4995 - Copy_zpsrl6mlhjt.jpg  photo IMG_5000 - Copy_zpsfiwd7wxr.jpg  photo IMG_5007 - Copy_zpsbwdzh5l9.jpg  photo IMG_5008 - Copy_zpsgbrpbmvp.jpg  photo IMG_5013 - Copy_zpsvidamrez.jpg

It didn't take long for their bodies to be covered in blue, red, yellow, green, purple, and orange. Nicole globbing the paint on her body and mixing the colors until they turned into an ugly brown. And Kennadie making green and red stripes as neatly as she could with the paintbrush to turn her body into a colorful tiger.

  photo IMG_5020_zpsclzjiqbv.jpg  photo IMG_5019_zpse9tqx9v8.jpg
 photo IMG_5021_zpsoxbc46cn.jpg  photo IMG_5023_zpsdh1raopo.jpg  photo IMG_5024_zpsuhighayj.jpg

I let them paint on my legs and we jumped in mud puddles and we chased each other with the hose to wash off. At the end of the day I brought them in for baths and helped wash off their bodies that smelled like paint and dirt. The clear water in the tub now colored a slight brown from washing their painted bodies clean, and the paint and dirt smell was now replaced by warm coconut.

  photo IMG_5029_zpsrn9mwt8z.jpg  photo IMG_5033_zpsckxovwaz.jpg  photo IMG_5027_zpsjqpydcty.jpg

Loving these summer days. 

  photo 362B7D9F-05FA-441E-8954-8D78DFB3EC12_zpslgrmddc1.jpg  photo 6ED15B4B-4998-4A55-AD21-926130650639_zpsoqdrnrxh.jpg  photo 650498B6-E93B-4791-B928-9D00BE96A1DC_zpsxhtgphur.jpg  photo AC5D17D5-980B-43EA-90AD-B26A31799FEB_zpsn4fckp1l.jpg


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