Friday, July 3, 2015

4th of july carnival and fireworks

We have been going to the carnival and fireworks for a few years now, and Kennadie was extra excited about going this year because the last Fourth of July she had a fever and ear infection (if I remember correctly) and had to miss out. This was Nicole's first time at the carnival and seeing fireworks and she was not into the fireworks at all- she held on to my neck so ridiculously tight and buried her face into my neck the whole time, it really was the most adorable thing, though :) We walked around with Erin and Ben and the kids, watched Erin win a stuffed animal on a game, got on a few rides with the kids, watched the fireworks together, and got the girls ice cream. Even though Nicole wasn't tall enough to ride any of the rides except the ferris wheel with us,  we all still had a really great time.

 photo 530E2833-0E02-4558-9B2F-1381D1C9B609_zpshbjsrjwj.jpg

Since she couldn't ride most of the rides yet, we took turns waiting and watching with her.

  photo 448A91D3-46A0-4C55-B075-1D626FC50D43_zpsb99wn0fp.jpg  photo 844698DD-58D0-4127-A310-1C83349E71AB_zpso07r78jn.jpg  photo C769F9B4-9B38-42A0-869B-E02E9DAC5C23_zps2wldpbdt.jpg  photo 42547730-6F09-4DFC-81C5-E4D0B0FF1407_zpszdibaazg.jpg  photo 64E6C70A-B233-442E-A40D-9E29DDC276CF_zpszkzfgfit.jpg  photo A50DCE1B-31EF-4157-A99F-5E383E48B38E_zpstiscohvv.jpg  photo 8C0B6F4C-45E6-44CB-B9AC-1C31BA970479_zpsw2sv5fyh.jpg

This is what happens when you leave it to men to pick out a spot to watch fireworks. Out of the entire place Josh and Ben decided to choose a spot right under this ride which was in the way of our view of the fireworks the entire time :)

  photo 3715AB39-75C8-4D4C-A5AA-516931C3E479_zpswqfax9ss.jpg  photo 6CB86390-A767-4BB5-B627-E4CE90D11EEA_zpsuv65nr1i.jpg

I couldn't take how stinkin' adorable she was every time a random firework went off. She never cried but she covered her face with her hands and froze :)

 photo DABC42FF-898C-41C0-A4EF-903C14540DF7_zps4sfdsi1l.jpg

Tomorrow we head over to Erin and Ben's house on the lake for a barbecue with friends and all of us are camping out in tents. Happy 4th of July!

 photo 2AA4E677-2111-4EE4-AFCB-827C358EC863_zpskcxaq9p5.jpg

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