Tuesday, June 9, 2015

things making me happy right now

There is usually a week or two out of every month where my anxiety is high and I don' feel like my normal self and I'm moodier than normal and I cry at nothing and just feel blah and snappy and edgy. Anyone who has ever experienced anxiety (or maybe even just the emotional roller coaster it can feel as if we are on sometimes) knows that in those moments it's not always easy to "snap out of it" no matter how hard you try. The other week my anxiety was pretty high and thankfully it's over now and I thought I would share three things that are making me happy right now. 

1. Writing more than I have been and using my camera more. Writing and photography are two hobbies that I really enjoy. They both have a way of grounding me and keeping me in the moment and both allow me to use my creativity and allow me to slow down and appreciate the little (and big) things in my life.

2. My grades. I never thought I would be one to say this because in high school and my first attempt at college I honestly didn't give a shit at all. When I first started back last fall I thought I was okay with getting whatever for a grade as long as I tried my best and I didn't really think too much about the actual grade. I feel differently about it all now and once I saw that I could get all A's and kept it up for a while I knew it was actually possible, and at this point I really would be crushed and disappointed in myself if I got anything lower than an A.

3. Taking videos. I have so many pictures, but not nearly enough videos. The videos I do have just sit in my photobucket account and I have never even really watched most of them. I recently started using the video on my iphone more and editing and playing around with them and making little movies in imovie and I am loving this right now. Josh bought a sony handycam back in 2008 and we only used it while I was pregnant with Kennadie and when she was a baby and we haven't pulled it out since. It's hardly ever been used and I am excited to start playing around with it and I can tell this will become another little hobby for me.

Some recent photos from my iphone-

 photo C5FE2EA6-4B9F-4ED8-9A94-0B87BE532A90_zpsaxpbi5sn.jpg

  photo 90D91B9A-C262-47C2-BA9D-6AE36AA15A8C_zpsi6vr0yro.jpg

  photo F4304190-06A6-431D-A173-B85472797835_zpsuwojvxfy.jpg

  photo 4696ACA3-A56E-4DDE-B0E2-FBD0190472C4_zpsaz9qmtvw.jpg

 photo 327C4D06-FEC6-4678-8489-356064CEA918_zpsec5xvykw.jpg

  photo 42AABC3C-1883-4B6F-AF65-F20DF27F50F6_zpsixoyuvio.jpg

  photo EBB48CE8-A96D-4F17-9CB9-CE70CEFBF4CB_zpssjtl7icq.jpg

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