Thursday, June 11, 2015


We've been busy over here with soccer and school and family get-together's and going into Kennadie's last week of school and planning a bunch of fun activities and get-aways for the summer. I'm really looking forward to getting away soon and relaxing without school or emails or paperwork or a to-do list and just being with my family.

Here are some photos from the last week or so-

My girl is a beast on the soccer field. Josh actually mentioned to me that he was concerned and wondered if he should maybe tell Kennadie to hold back a little and I stopped him right there with a "you better not even say anything at all!" I say this because she lets go on that field, she opens up, she comes alive. If what she is doing is coming naturally to her I say let her be for sure. She is good at it and she loves it.

 photo IMG_4723_zps6ywrcigf.jpg

  photo IMG_4724_zpsrlelx4nt.jpg

  photo IMG_4726_zpsculbib7y.jpg

We got together with Josh's family for Autumn's baptism and then lunch over at Jess's house.

  photo IMG_4730_zpsrua6dpva.jpg

And one of my favorite ways to end a weekend- with swimming and relaxing with family and cooking out at my parents' house.

  photo IMG_4737_zpsdufp7o5t.jpg

  photo IMG_4742_zpseallpds9.jpg

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