Tuesday, June 2, 2015

life lately in iphone pictures

Life seems to be going by so quickly lately and I think part of the reason I am feeling this way is because of all the time I spend doing school work. I don't get to read as much as I used to with the girls before they head off to bed (Josh has taken that over a lot, which I am extremely grateful for), and with it being full-time they do mean full-time as in 30-40 hours a week I should be spending on my school work. It makes it a little difficult as I am taking my classes online and have to fit school work in at nap time or for a few before dinner if the girls are playing together or when Josh gets home while he gives Nicole a bath or Kennadie is taking her shower or as he gets them ready for bed. I sometimes wonder if it would have been easier to have Nicole in a daycare while I am in classes during the day, either way it's not always easy and at times I feel so guilty, but I know it's for my future, our future, and it will all pay off in the end. It's just trying to find that balance I have a hard time with sometimes between not missing out on my kids, getting everything done around the house, keeping my grades high to stay on the Dean's list (which is really important to me right now), and everything else. 

Nicole had her visit with her bio parents over the weekend and it went really and they all had a great time. I definitely am a big believer in open adoption (when appropriate and if/when it works for everyone involved). She can never have too many people who love and care for her :) 

I had to bring Oreo to the vet for her thyroid treatment today which was pretty close to New York. At times I can get a little anxiety about driving that far alone, but I surprised myself and did it and it wasn't really so bad. I got a total of 6 hours to myself in the car listening to everything and anything that I wanted and time to just be in silence and think and be. Not too bad :)

I am sure there is so much more to update on here, but I am tired and ready to relax for a bit. 

Some recent pictures from my phone-

This picture makes me laugh. He had surgery on his eye to remove a growth and the cone lasted a total of about, oh, 1 hour after we left the vets and thankfully we were able to keep this off of him without him scratching his eye once. He's always such a happy little guy.

 photo 156AFD6F-DF5C-4B44-8087-4A459D75E095_zpseloezajh.jpg

Celebrating Josh's birthday with family.

  photo D533E02E-7B99-410F-877E-CFE4119DEBAE_zpsiv5hllj9.jpg

Ronnie's with friends.

  photo 96CDE078-40A9-4256-9D43-8B960EF0665F_zps01uefec0.jpg

So grateful for my girls and the way they are always there waiting for me, wanting to be with me, to play with me, always there smiling and laughing even when I have an off day or I'm feeling out of it or impatient or moody. Of course there are days when I am rushing or too snappy or don't play with them enough or not the mom I want to be, but they remind me to slow down and to not take life too seriously. They bring so much joy and happiness in my life and their bright little smiles and laughs and innocence reminds me to let go of those little annoyances because, really, in the big picture those little annoyances don't matter at all. Learning and growing and slowing down and forgetting about the silly little things that really don't matter, all of it is a constant work in progress to get to where I want to be. 

  photo 9D8D4C74-F39D-411C-856B-1AE83EADE5A8_zpsg0jcaf4x.jpg

  photo 8B9C1ADE-C2CB-4D8E-BC57-72344A558B65_zpsnw2yspm6.jpg

  photo C5B0DE0E-7544-4DCE-83BB-99E8A4963639_zps6uaq8bmm.jpg

  photo 1F50E0CE-C539-4800-8ED1-702FDEF63FF4_zpsivoimhpk.jpg

  photo F49ED221-1B6F-41E5-93DF-CD5989C8E9A9_zpsssvsvfrf.jpg

  photo 2BD2DA48-227F-437C-84B9-F24474B24A15_zpsecd99l6h.jpg

  photo 07B3A547-16A9-49A3-94EC-95F3195B44E1_zpseldvsarz.jpg

   photo 5E3C4690-271C-4E89-B3BA-B33FF7456802_zpsngmv18wk.jpg

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